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Events associated with the centenary of Scott's Terra Nova expedition 2010-2012

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Antarctic Book Gathering in Jaffrey

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About Antarctic Encyclopedias—More Than You Will Ever Want or Need to Know

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Antarctic Books Due and Works-in-Progress

Antiquarian Booksellers specializing in Antarcticana

Some Rare Antarctic Books

Antarctic Collections

The Catalogue of The Library of the Antarctic Circle, Jaffrey, NH
Antipodean Books offers up a big collection
Australian Antarctic Division - Books in Special Collections. Hobart, Tasmania
Brown University, Providence, RI - Bradford Swan Collection
Brown University, Providence, RI - 1967 Antarctic Exhibition at the John Carter Brown Library
Brown University, Providence, RI - The John Carter Brown Library's copy of Aurora Australis
Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Canterbury Museum. Christchurch, New Zealand
Columbia University's Libris Polaris
George Marston collection
National Library of Australia - Hurley Diaries and Photographs
National Library of Scotland - Mountaineering and Polar Collections
Peabody Essex Museum - A. H. Waite Collection
Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth, Devon, UK
The Archives of the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, UK
"Freeze Frame," Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, UK
The Griffith Taylor Collection, University of New England, Armidale, N.S.W., Australia
Antarctic Poetry

"Tekeli-li" or Hollow Earth Lives: A Bibliography of Antarctic Fiction. An annotated bibliography of Antarctic fiction prepared by Fauno Cordes

Fauno preparing to cross the Alps
Table of Contents
An Annotated Bibliography of Antarctic Fiction
Index of Place Names: Real and Imaginary
Reference Bibliography
Antarctic Fiction Bibliography

Antarctic Maps

Maps of Antarctica. Described by R. V. Tooley and illustrated
Antarctic Auctions

Antarctic Medals

Antarctic Trade Cards

EXPLORERS (and their expeditions):
Amundsen, Captain Roald, his men and and his expeditions.
Byrd, Admiral Richard Evelyn and his expeditions.
Charcot, Captain Jean-Baptiste and his expeditions.
Cook, Captain James and his expedition.
Dallmann, Eduard and his expedition.
Drygalski, Erich von and his expedition.
Dumont D'Urville, Admiral Jules S. C. and his expedition.
de Gerlache de Gomery, Le Commandant de Adrien Victor Joseph and his expedition.
Fuchs, Sir Vivian and Sir Edmund Hillary and their expedition.
Mawson, Sir Douglas and his expeditions.
Nordenskjöld, Otto and his expedition.
Ross, Captain Sir James Clark and his expedition.
Scott, Captain Robert Falcon, his men and and his expeditions.
Shackleton, Sir Ernest H., his men and and his expeditions.

EXPEDITIONS (not covered above):
Challenger Expedition.

Medals and Decorations.
Miscellaneous or Unidentified.
Antarctic Voyages and Expeditions. Prepared by Michael Rosove.

Chronologies & Timelines of Antarctic Exploration

Principal Expeditions during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration An Historical Timeline of Antarctic Exploration
Concise Chronology of Approach to the Poles
An Ernest Shackleton Timeline
A Robert F. Scott Timeline
A Roald Amundsen Timeline
A detailed Antarctic Timeline from the New Zealand Antarctic Veterans Association.
Antarctic Firsts

Antarctic Historic Sites

Some Published Sources on Historic Sites in Antarctica
Historic Huts in the Antarctic from the 'Heroic Age'
Historic Monuments in Antarctica
Heritage Sites
Historic Guide to Ross Island, Antarctica
An Antarctic Calendar

Antarctic Ships

Antarctic Aviation

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Some E-Books
Antarctic Organizations
American Polar Society
Antarctic Aviation Preservation Society
Antarctica Project
Antarctic Heritage Trust
Antarctic Society of Australia
The Antarctican Society
Captain Cook Society
The Captain Scott Society
Frederick A. Cook Society
Friends of the Byrd Polar Research Center
Devon and Cornwall Polar Society
Friends of Dundee Heritage Trust
Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute
Friends of the Wakes
Glacier Society
The James Caird Society
Montreal Antarctic Society
New Zealand Antarctic Society
Old Antarctic Explorers Association
The South Georgia Association
The South Georgia Heritage Trust
United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust / Friends of Antarctica
Some Polar Philatelic Groups
Antarctic "Living Treasures"
Ann Margaret Savours (Mrs Shirley)
Some Antarctic Nicknames

Endurance Family Members, Richard Brodeur's 'work in progress' tracing descendants of Shackleton's 'Endurance' expedition.

Antarctic Obituaries
Index to Selected Antarctic Obituaries appearing in the Polar Record of the Scott Polar Research Institute.
Index to Antarctic Obituaries appearing in the Geographical Journal of the Royal Geographical Society.
Commander Sir Jameson Adams
Colin Bull
Lt Cmdr Malcolm Burley
Charles Robert Burton
Verner Duncan Carse
Fauno Lancaster Cordes
Harding McGregor Dunnett
Virginia Frances Pepper Fiennes
George W. Gibbs, Jr.
John Arnfield Heap
Sir Wally Herbert
Captain Leonard Charles Hill
Sir Edmund Hillary
Adelie Hurley
A.G.E. Jones
Phillip Garth Law
William James Mills
Edith Maslin "Jackie" Ronne
Peter Jensen Skellerup
Norman Dane Vaughan
Margery Glover Wharton
Antarctic Art

Antarctic Image Chronology. Prepared by William L. Fox.

Antarctic Photography and Film

Antarctic Movies. Prepared by Valmar Kurol

Antarctic Music

Antarctica Experienced Through Music; Capsule Comments on CDs about Antarctica. Prepared by Valmar Kurol.

Antarctic Theatre

Antarctic Queries

Antarctic Odds & Ends

Partial contents:
The Christchurch Earthquake
A Blue Plaque for Sir Clements Markham
Some Keepsakes:
An Antarctic Evening held at the Explorers Club… 9 April 1999
Exploring Leadership: You and Shackleton… 9 March 2000
Your Hero, My Hero, 27 April 2000
An Antarctic Dinner Aboard the Discovery in Dundee, 5 May 2001
Trans-Norway Antarctic Expedition 2003
Some Keynote/Powerpoint Presentations:
Collecting Antarcticana: Books & Maps, Manuscripts & Autographs, Polar Art & Artifacts; Photographs & Prints, Medals & Coins, Collectibles and a Variety of Ephmera.
First Sightings, First Landings, First Overwinterings
The Park Theatre Goes South: Scott of the Antarctic
Shackleton(s) in Boston
Antarcticana in the Levinson Collection
Some Antarctic Pets

Antarctic Food & Drink

Some Antarctic Quotes

A Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer. Prepared by Robert B. Stephenson.

Series One: Low-Latitude Sites by Episode
Index of persons & places appearing in episodes of A Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer
Listing by site number, name/description, location and episode number of Low-Latitude sites
Episode 1: A church memorial to Cherry-Garrard and his home. 30 March 1996
Episode 2 : A Byrd item at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. 6 April 1996
Episode 3 : A Scott plaque at Chatham, Kent. 16 April 1996
Episode 4 : L. E. G. Oates' London house. 20 April 1996
Episode 5 : The site of the Washington, D.C. house of Charles Wilkes. 27 April 1996
Episode 6 : A Scott sledge that came in handy in Dunedin, New Zealand. 4 May 1996
Episode 7 : Some cows that headed south in 1933. 13 May 1996
Episode 8 : A memorial tablet in Bombay (and in Scotland). 18 May 1996
Episode 9 : The Navy Museum at the Washington Navy Yard. 27 May 1996
Episode 10 : A Scott memorial obelisk in Norway. 1 June 1996
Episode 11 : The Estonian house of a famous Antarctic explorer. 8 June 1996
Episode 12 : The Connecticut house of (possibly) the first one to record seeing the Antarctic continent. 22 June 1996
Episode 13 : The E. A. Wilson statue (and house) in Cheltenham. 29 June 1996
Episode 14 : Some Antarctic sites in Lyttelton, New Zealand. 7 July 1996
Episode 15 : The grave of a famous dog. 13 July 1996
Episode 16 : Some sledging flags. 26 July 1996
Episode 17 : Selborne's Oates Memorial Museum. 3 August 1996
Episode 18 : Three other Terra Nova artifacts. 11 August 1996
Episode 19 : Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, New Hampshire. 17 August 1996
Episode 20 : An Ohio monument to the originator of the Theory of Concentric Spheres and Polar Voids. 25 August 1996
Episode 21 : The New Zealand grave of a skillful carpenter. 1 September 1996
Episode 22 : A bust in Ballarat. 8 September 1996
Episode 23 : Lincoln Ellsworth's Polar Star. 15 September 1996
Episode 24 : An Heroic Age monument in Japan. 27 September 1996
Episode 25 : A Scott memorial at Port Chalmers, NZ. 5 October 1996
Episode 26 : 'Uranienborg,' Roald Amundsen's house. 25 October 1996
Episode 27 : Another Wilkes memorial in Washington. 9 November 1996
Episode 28 : Some of the many items at the Canterbury Museum. 22 November 1996
Episode 29 : The James Caird--A remarkable voyage 80 years ago. 28 November 1996
Episode 30 : Some Antarctic treasures at the Royal Geographical Society. 7 December 1996
Episode 31 : An update to Episode 3 -- A Scott Plaque in Chatham, Kent. 22 December 1996
Episode 32 : An update to Episode 10 -- A Scott memorial obelisk in Norway. 27 December 1996
Episode 33 : A Frank Wild memorial plaque. 5 January 1997
Episode 34 : The Great Navigator's bi-hemispheral boyhood home. 18 January 1997
Episode 35 : A hill-top memorial in Wellington. 24 January 1997
Episode 36 : A grave in the Falklands. 1 February 1997
Episode 37 : Some sites associated with C.P.O. Edgar Evans. 12 February 1997
Episode 38 : A pub--and more--in Anascaul, Kerry, Eire. 22 February 1997
Episode 39 : A statue and graves of note in Arlington, Va. 3 March 1997
Episode 40 : Some Tasmanian sites of interest. 9 March 1997
Episode 41 : A baobab tree in the Cape Verde Islands! 22 March 1997
Episode 42 : Some sites associated with Captain James Weddell. 6 April 1997
Episode 43 : Some odds 'n ends in New York City--The Explorers Club. 12 April 1997
Episode 44 : Some odds 'n ends in New York City--American Museum of Natural History. 4 May 1997
Episode 45a : Some updates & corrections, Part I: An update to Episode 29: The James Caird--A remarkable voyage 80 years ago. 26 May 1997
Episode 45b : Some updates & corrections, Part I: An update to Episode 39: A statue and graves of note in Arlington, Va. 26 May 1997
Episode 46a : Some updates & corrections, Part II: An update to Episode 18: Some notes on the history of the Terra Nova. 15 June 1997
Episode 46b : Some updates & corrections, Part II: A correction to Episode 42: James Weddell and his seal. 15 June 1997
Episode 47 : Memento mori...Nathaniel Brown Palmer, et al. 21 June 1997
Episode 48 : Some Shackleton abodes. 29 June 1997
Episode 49 : Two Parisian sites. 27 July 1997
Episode 50 : A Cook memorial in Cambridge, England (and Episode 16 redux). 1 October 1997
Episode 51 : An update to Episode 48--Some Shackleton abodes. 18 November 1997
Episode 52 : Some sites on a recent trip, Part I, Philadelphia. 11 November 1997
Episode 53 : Some sites on a recent trip, Part II, Annapolis. 5 December 1997
Episode 54 : Some sites on a recent trip, Part III, Winchester, Virginia. 13 December 1997
Episode 55 : Some sites gleaned on a recent trip, Part IV, Richmond & Newport News, Virginia. 20 December 1997
Episode 56 : A Shackleton statue in London. 9 January 1998
Episode 57 : Some recently visited English sites, Part I: Sir James Clark Ross. 8 March 1998
Episode 58 : Some recently visited English sites, Part II: A crypt-bound crow's-nest. 21 February 1998
Episode 59 : Some recently visited English sites, Part III: An Edward Wilson treasure trove in Cheltenham. 21 March 1998
Episode 60 : A little bit of Antarctica in Wyoming. 10 May 1998
Episode 61 : Two Lashly houses. 17 May 1998
Episode 62 : Oates in Gestingthorpe. 31 May 1998
Episode 63 : Sir Clements Markham: A house, a bust and a painting. 7 June 1998
Episode 64 : Dining with Savages. 4 August 1998
Episode 65 : A Scott house (or two). 23 August 1998
Episode 66 : A rock finds a new home--for now. 4 September 1998
Episode 67 : London's Waterloo Place--a hotbed of polar activity. 31 October 1998
Episode 68 : Byrd Watching in Ohio. 7 November 1998
Episode 69 : Another Ohio Site--Lincoln Ellsworth's grave. 11 November 1998
Episode 70 : A site or two far to the south. 23 January 1999
Episode 71 : Two 'furthest south' museums (and a stone hut and a burying ground as well). 17 February 1999
Series Two: Low-Latitude Sites by Type and Subject
Aircraft (17 sites) First draft complete. Revised: 25 December 2006.
Boats & Ships (19 sites) First draft complete.
Buildings & Houses (168 sites)
Churches (46 sites) First draft complete.
Features (6 sites)
Graves (58 sites)
Monuments & Memorials (26 sites)
Museums & Libraries (131 sites)
Other Sites (57 sites)
Places (56 sites)
Plaques (33 sites)
Pubs, Hotels & Restaurants (32 sites) First draft complete. Revised: 27 January 2007.
Roads & Streets (37 sites) First draft complete.
Schools & Colleges (19 sites) First draft complete.
Statues & Sculptures (54 sites)
Sites Associated with Roald Amundsen (27 sites)
Sites Associated with Richard E. Byrd (47 sites) First draft complete. Sites Associated with Robert F. Scott (117 sites)
Sites Associated with Sir Ernest H. Shackleton (121 sites) First draft complete. Revised: 24 December 2006. Revised: 27 Janaury 2007.
Series Three: Various "PowerPoint" presentations that incorporate Low-Latitude Sites.
Antarctic Sites Outside the Antarctic: Memorials, Statues, Houses, Graves and the Occasional Pub (Emphasis on Scott) Presented at Antarctic Visions: Cultural Perspectives on the Southern Continent, University of Tasmania, Hobart, 21-23 June 2010, and later at the Australian Antarctic Division.

A Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer (Emphasis on Ireland and Shackleton) Presented at the 6th Annual Shackleton Autumn School, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland, 29 October 2007.

Byrd-A-Rama Presented at the American Polar Society conference, Columbus, Ohio, 25-27 April 2007. This presentation has a bit of everything but the main focus are sites associated with Richard E. Byrd.

Antarctic Sites Outside the Antarctic: Memorials, Statues, Houses, Graves and the Occasional Pub Presented at Scott Polar Research Institute 12 November 2005.
Series Four: Sites located on Google Maps.
England, Scotland & Wales
London & Environs
New Zealand
United States & Canada
A Listing by site number, site name/description and site location.

Antarctic Sites outside the Antarctic—Memorials, Statues, Houses, Graves and the occasional Pub, a piece that appeared in Volume 2 of Nimrod, the journal of the annual Shackleton Autumn School in Athy, Ireland.
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