Included here are notices of exhibits, lectures, conferences and other gatherings or events of Antarctic interest. Current and closest to the present usually listed first. Go to PAST EVENTS for those that have already happened.

The best polar gathering of the year is the Shackleton Autumn School, held each October in Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Have a look at photos and commentary on the past ten gatherings excerpted from trip reports on my personal webpage.

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Events associated with the centenary of Shackleton's Endurance expedition 2014-2016
Current & Continuing Antarctic Events
Upcoming Antarctic Events

Events associated with the centenary of Shackleton's Endurance expedition 2014-2016:

[Numerous events, mostly in the UK, are being proposed and planned during 2014-2016 to commemorate Shackleton's Endurance Expedition. The
Shackleton 100 website has now been launched that will act as a central information clearinghouse for these events and once up, much of the information will be duplicated here or possibly just a link will be included.]

Current & Continuing Antarctic Events:


2-19 August 2016, 10-4, Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, London.

In August 2016 "Visions of the Great White South", an exhibition to be held at Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, will reunite the iconic photography of Herbert Ponting with the evocative watercolors of Edward Wilson over a century after the two men first dreamt up their plan for a joint exhibition.

The British Antarctic Expedition, better known by the name of its ship the Terra Nova, took place from 1910-1913. Captain Robert Falcon Scott appointed Dr Edward Wilson, a close friend and a fine watercolourist, as his chief scientist. He also invited camera artist Herbert Ponting to join the expedition as official photographer, in a bold move in an era when high quality photography required great skill and careful attention in ordinary circumstances, let alone in the extreme environment of the Antarctic. Both Wilson and Ponting captured expedition life as well as keeping a visual record of scientific phenomena that the crew were studying.

Making use of the Scott Polar Research Institute's historical collections, the exhibition will also show examples of Captain Scott's photography from the expedition in a series of beautiful new platinum prints of his work, produced by Belgian photographic publishers Salto Ulbeek in collaboration with the Scott Polar Research Institute. Scott was taught photography by Ponting during the expedition, and, in the images he produced, the influence of both Ponting and Wilson can be discerned in the ways he captured the vast and compelling landscapes of the Antarctic.

Both Ponting and Wilson hoped to hold a joint exhibition, however the catastrophic loss of the South Pole party including Scott and Wilson made that impossible.

Owing to the death of Dr. Wilson his pictures could never be reproduced for sale, as he had intended. His widow, therefore, considered it better that they should be exhibited separately. The whole beautiful series of his water colors was shown at the Alpine Club, whilst my photographs were exhibited at the Fine Art Society's galleries, London.

Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, comments, "It is a great privilege to hold the remarkable paintings of Edward Wilson and the striking photography of Herbert Ponting in the Scott Polar Research Institute's historic collection. By reuniting their work in this special exhibition we are pleased to give the public the opportunity to see their works together and at their best."

Alongside the historic artworks, visitors will have the opportunity to see contemporary interpretations of the 'great white south'. For several years the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, with the support of Bonhams and the Royal Navy, have run an artist in residence scheme which sends an artist to the Antarctic on board the icebreaker HMS Protector. Artists including Captain Scott's grand-daughter Daphila Scott and renowned wildlife artist Darren Rees will exhibit their responses to the frozen wilds of Antarctica.

Robert Brooks, Chairman of Bonhams, comments, "It is an honor for Bonhams to exhibit the art of two such extraordinarily talented and brave men and to be able to hang works together publicly for the first time ever. The Terra Nova expedition is famous, of course, for the tragic loss of Captain Scott and his companions. But its purpose was primarily scientific and Wilson and Ponting's work reminds us of the pioneering quest for knowledge that underpinned the venture."

International collaboration in the Antarctic by Dafila Scott will be exhibited along with works by other contemporary artists from the SPRI residency The chairman of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, comments "The Friends are extremely grateful for Bonhams' and the Royal Navy's ongoing support of the Artist in Residence Program enabling five artists to experience and record Antarctica's fabulous environment hosted by HMS Scott and HMS Protector over the past five years. The exhibition is a brilliant opportunity to display modern works alongside those of the Terra Nova expedition." The Friends are also pleased to announce that this summer their first Arctic artist in residence will be traveling to Svalbard, with the support of One Ocean Expeditions.

Exhibition details:
Visions of the Great White South will be open to the public from 2 August until 19 August, Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. Entry will be free.
An account of the British Antarctic Expedition (Terra Nova) is available at

About the artists
Five artists will be exhibiting work produced on the Friends of SPRI artists in residence scheme, supported by Bonhams and the Royal Navy.

          Lucy Carty (2015/16)
          Darren Rees (2014/15)
          John Kelly (2013/14)
          Emma Stibbon (2012/13)
          Dafila Scott (2010/11)

—From an e-mail press release.

Upcoming Antarctic Events:


Tuesday, 30 August 2016, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland
The unveiling ceremony will begin at 1pm sharp on the 30th of August at Emily Square, Athy, one hundred years to the day that Shackleton rescued his men from Elephant Island. The ceremony will be attended by a honour guard from the Irish Navy marking Shackleton's life at sea. All attendees are asked to be present and in placeat 12.45pm.
The unveiling will be followed by the official opening of the exhibition 'By Endurance we Conquer: Shackleton and his men' in Athy Heritage Centre Museum.


Friday-Monday, 28-31 October 2016, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland
The lineup of speakers include:
Camilla Nicholl - The 9,000 mile museum: Caring for our Antarctic Heritage.

Dr Huw Lewis-Jones - Explorers' Sketchbooks: The Art of Discovery and Adventure.

Frank Nugent - Ashe & Crean.

Dr Jozef Verlinden - Ernest Shackleton and Adrien de Gerlache - A Belgian Connection.

Dr Russell Potter - Finding Franklin - The untold story of a 165 year search.

Meredith Hooper - Triumph from Disaster: Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition.

Mick Conefrey - What makes a successful explorer?

Simon Stephens - Life after Shackleton: The Conservation and Travels of the James Caird.


Friday, 4 November 2016, 6pm, Great Hall, Dulwich College, London. Preceded by the AGM at 5:30pm in the South Cloister. Dinner will be served at 7pm in the Great Hall.


Friday and Saturday, 2 & 3 December 2016, Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway.
There will be lecture sessions during the day and a dinner on the deck of the Fram in the evening.

Friday 2 December
     17:30 Registration
     18:00 Exhibition opening Captain C.A. Larsen Explorer, Whaler & Family Man
              Launch of C.A. Larsen's diaries from Jason (1891-94) and Antarctic (1901-04)
     20:30 Film: Trapped at the End of the World. Argentinian documentary from 2004 about the Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-04. English subtitles. 83 min.
     22:00 End

Saturday 3 December
     10:00 Geir O. Kløver—Welcome. Launch of Gustav Juel Wiik's and Peder Ristvedt's diaries from the Gjøa Expedition (1903-06)
     10:30 Joe O'Farrell—The Ross Sea Party 1914-17: Tragedy or Triumph?
     11:30 Break
     11:40 Robert Stephenson—A Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer (Antarctic Sites outside the Antarctic—memorials, statues, houses, graves and the occasional pub)
     12:00 Lunch in the Gjøa Building
     13:00 Aant Elzinga—Otto Nordenskjöld and the Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-1903 in scientific context
     14:00 Break
     14:10 Robert Burton—Captain C.A. Larsen at South Georgia: Launching the Antarctic whaling industry
     15:10 Coffee break
     14:40 PJ Capelotti—Polar Opposites: American and Norwegian voices in the exploration of Franz Josef Land
     16:40 Break
     16:50 The Polar Exploration Game ©The Fram Museum
              Reception in the C.A. Larsen exhibition
     19:45 Recreation of the City of Kristiania's dinner 10 September 1896 for Fridtjof Nansen and his men to welcome them home
              from Fram's drift across the Polar Sea. The same 9-course menu and similar wine will be served, the same speeches will be held and the same music played.

For this and more information go to:


Friday, 5 May 2017, 6pm, Great Hall, Dulwich College, London.

SOUTHPOLE-sium v.3

Friday-Sunday, 12-14 May 2017, Oslo, Norway. See the webpage on this site.


Friday, 10 November 2017, 6pm, Great Hall, Dulwich College, London. Preceded by the AGM at 5:30pm in the South Cloister. Dinner will be served at 7pm in the Great Hall.