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See a Google map which shows some of the places around Oslo of interest to those coming.

See a Google map which shows some of the places of Antarctic interest around Norway.

Some websites:
• Visit Oslo: http://www.visitoslo.com/ Official travel guide to Oslo

• Oslo.com: http://www.oslo.com/v/city_info/ Tourist information and links

• Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Oslo Tourist information and links

• Fram Museum: http://www.frammuseum.no/ Our venue
Oslo Pass: "The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions, free travel on all public transport, free entry to outdoor swimming pools, free walking tours, discounts on sightseeing, ski simulator, Tusenfryd Amusement Park, concert tickets, climbing, ski and bike rental, and special offers in restaurants, shops, entertainment and leisure venues." The Oslo Pass includes the ferry to and from Bygdøy.
       One day: NOK 395 (Senior NOK 315)
       Two days: NOK 595 (Senior NOK 475)
       Three days: NOK 745 (Senior NOK 595)

Ruter: "Ruter is the name of the public transport system in Oslo and the surrounding county, Akershus. City buses, regional buses, trams, subway/metro, local trains and ferries (not the Bygdøy ferry) are included in Ruter's ticket system.
Tickets can be purchased from any of Ruter's sales points. Tickets cost NOK 20 more when purchased on board. To travel by subway/metro or tram, you must always pre-purchase a ticket."
       If you are arriving in Oslo at the Central Station (say, from the airport) just go out the main entrance onto the plaza. You'll see ahead of you a tall tower with clearly labeled 'Ruter #.' At the base of the tower is Ruter's Customer Service Center where you can buy a variety of tickets and have your questions answered.

To and from the Airport:

Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) to or from Oslo Central Rail Station. 53.1km
       Flytoget Airport Express Train: 19-22 minutes travel time. Single ticket: NOK 180. In buying a ticket remember to ask for a senior fare if you're 67 or over.

The express train (Flytoget) ticket counter at the Central Station.

       NSB (Norwegian State Railways). Much less expensive and nearly the same travel time between the airport and Oslo Central Station. It makes one stop at Lillesttrøm. I'd opt for this. In buying a ticket remember to ask for a senior fare if you're 67 or over.

The NSB train just arrived at the Central Station from the Airport.

The NSB ticket counter at the Central Station.

The NSB ticket counter at the Airport.

Access to Bygdøy:

BUS: From Oslo Central Station, City Hall, Solli, etc., to or from the Fram Museum by bus (Route 30): 8.0km / 15 minutes. This is a very pleasant bus ride, past some quite lovely commercial and residential architecture, mostly late 19th century. You go past the Royal Farm and a little further on the Norwegian Folk Museum and Viking Ship Museum, both worth visits (particularly the Folk Museum where one could spend a whole day). Recently, I've only been in Oslo in the winter when the ferry to and from the Fram Museum isn't operating, so during the SouthPole-sium most attendees will probably opt for the Ferry (although I understand that my Ruter card—which works on buses, trams, etc.—won't work on the ferries but the Oslo Pass will work.) The Route 30 bus terminates at the Fram Museum. (The Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Kon Tiki Museum are both a stone's through away.) Once the museums close at the end of the day, the bus terminates earlier in its route ("top of the hill") so you will have to walk a bit. The last bus from the Museum departs at 6:13pm. The last bus going back to central Oslo leaves from "the top of the hill" at 00:15 (15 minutes past Midnight).
At the start of the day the first bus to go the entire route to the Museum arrives at 9:23am.

FERRY: City Hall pier 3 (Rådhusbrygge 3) to or from Fram Museum using Ferry #91. Departs every 20 minutes. NOK 40-60. Oslo Pass: Free. Click here for more information.
The first boat of the day departs at 8:55, arriving at the Museum at 9:10am. The last boat departs from the Museum for central Oslo at about 7pm.
Restaurant Suggestions:
Louise Restaurant and Bar. Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo. Phone: +47 22 83 00 60. Open: 11am-11pm. Here's what Karen Ronne Tupek has to say about it: "And there is a restaurant in the popular dockside restaurant area of Aker Brygge in Oslo, called Louise Restaurant, where they have a corner devoted to polar displays of Amundsen, with a taxidermied polar bear. It would be a great place for the group to go for a special dinner. Expensive."
I walked past the restaurant midday in early December 2016 on a weekend and it wasn't open. Someone told me it has been redecorated. Who knows?

Olympen. Grønlandsleiret 15, 0190 Oslo. Phone: +47 24 10 19 99. This unusual and highly relaxing restaurant in Grønland is known for its extensive collection of beers. On Sunday, those who are interested are invited to gather here at 7pm or so, order off the menu and pay on their own. They have a large somewhat private alcove in the back that we might try to book if there's sufficient interest.

Weather and Clothing:
Torill Flyen, who will be attending the SouthPole-sium, tells me that "Oslo can be somewhat warm if you are lucky—but not usually shorts and t-shirt weather that time of the year. Bring a raincoat or water/wind proof shell jacket for sure."
For extensive weather information go to the Norwegian Meterological Institute website.

Odds n Ends:
• When buying tickets, fees, etc., always ask about the senior rate. Often it's half the price.