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We will start off on Friday the 12th of May at 9:30am at the National Library of Norway where we'll enjoy a special presentation on some of the polar treasures in the Library's collection. (You can see some of the Library's polar holdings at http://www.antarctic-circle.org/gathering3-libraryholdings.htm ) This event will be open to anyone attending the SouthPole-sium without charge, not just to those on the excursion. We will get to the Library on our own. This is easily done by bus; it's on the route to the Fram Museum. The Library is at 110 Henrik Ibsens gate in Solli (see the map below). The Library will welcome us with coffee and tea starting at 9:15. At about 10:30 following the presentation our charter bus will pick us up at the Library and we'll drive to the Ski Museum where we'll be for about an hour. We'll then continue on to the nearby Frognerseteren, a traditional restaurant with lovely views overlooking Oslo. After lunch we'll take our bus to Svartskog where we'll visit Uranienborg, Amundsen's house beside the fjord. We'll be there as long as it takes for everyone to see their fill. Once satisfield we'll return on the bus to Central Oslo. If there are those who wish to continue on to the Fram Museum, we'll do so. The overall distance of the excursion is about 63km/40 miles.

The cost will be NOK 650 per person (ca. $75, £58, €70), pretty much the cost of chartering the bus and providing lunch divided by the number of those coming. The maximum that can be accommodated is 67, the capacity of the largest available bus.

MENU: FILET OF SALMON simmered in lemon water served cold with cucumber salad and sour cream, followed by strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream. Water, coffee or tea will be provided. And a cash bar will be available. If you have special dietery requirements, let us know and we'll contact the restaurant.
A new website on Uranienborg has recently debuted and is worth a look. There is also the Visit Norway site.

In Norwegian, there are:



The stops along the excursion route and their sequence are shown on a Google map.

The National Library of Norway

Location of The National Library of Norway

The Ski Museum

The Frognerseteren Restaurant