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The "Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer" is a database I keep of sites/sights outside of the Antarctic that have some connection to the Antarctic, no matter how trivial. Here are some of the ones in Norway. (The numbers refer to the database entry.)

Further information will be added over time.

Some or all of these sites are shown on a Google map which needs to be updated.


017. Fram Museum. Bygdøy, Oslo. Home of the Fram and a lot more including possibly the largest polar bookstore anywhere.

1049. Statues of the Polar Party On the grounds of the Fram Museum and Maritime Museum. Bygdøy, Oslo.
016. Uranienborg (Amundsen's house). Svartskog. The explorer's home by the inner Oslo Fjord (Bunnefjorden) from 1908 until his death in 1928. It was here that he prepared many of his expeditions. Now a museum.
015. Holmenkollen Ski Museum. On the outskirts of Oslo at the Holmenkollen ski jump. Can be reached easily by public transportation.
632. Norwegian Maritime Museum. Bygdøy, Oslo.
107. Roald Amundsen's medals. University of Oslo. 50 medals in all were given to the University upon Amundsen's death.
634. Zoological collections. Zoology Museum, University of Oslo, Sarsgate. Polar collections and displays: Include specimens from both the Arctic and Antarctic.
698. Grave of Teddy Evans. Our Saviour's Cemetery (Vår Frelsers Gravlund), Akersbakken, Oslo.
294. Solli Park. Oslo. Where Frederik Hjalmar Johansen shot himself.
654. Roald Amundsen gate. Oslo. Street named for Amundsen.


631. Commander Chr. Christensen's Whaling Museum. Sandefjord. The largest whaling museum in Europe with displays and collections illustrating the development of whaling from primitive to modern times.
667. The Whale Catcher Southern Actor. Sandefjord.
622. Grave of C. A. Larsen Sandefjord.
692. Site of launching of Polaris (Endurance). Sandefjord.
1037. C. A. Larsens gate. Sandefjord. Street named for Larsen.
690. Statue of Oscar Wisting. Main street of Horten.
638. Birthplace of Finn Rønne. Øvre Bjerggate and Prestagata, Horten.
639. Grave of Martin Rønne. Horten.
688. Martin Rønnes Veien/Gate. Horten. Street named for Martin Rønne.
686. Vestfold Fylkesmuseum. Farmannveien, Tønsberg.
691. Statue of Roald Amundsen. Route 19 at roundabout on Stenmalveien, Tønsberg.
391. Tønsberg Maritime Historic Centre. Nedre Langgate 38, Tønsberg.
684. Statue of Oscar Wisting. Larvik Maritime Museum, Kirkestredet, Larvik.
685. Statue of Colin Archer. Larvik Maritime Museum, Kirkestredet, Larvik.
766. C. A. Larsens vei. Larvik. Street named for Larsen.
1039. Colin Archer's gate. Larvik. Street named for Archer.
704. Bust of C. A. Larsen. Østre Halsen.
877. C. A. Larsen's house. 1 Strandstedet, Østre Halsen.
558. Tromsø Museum. Tromsø. Exhibition of the whaling pioneer Svend Foyn.
068. Roald Amundsen statue. Tromsø. Full size, outside in a square in the center of town.
635. Polar Museum. Søndre Tollbugata Tromsø.
1032. Bust of Roald Amundsen. Søndre Tolbodgata 11, Tromsø.
038. Scott Obelisk. By the rail station at Finse on the Oslo-Bergen line.
291. Statue of Bernt Balchen. Kristiansand, Vest-Agder.
386. Olav Bjaaland Museum. Morgedal. The museum includes displays relating to the south pole expedition and to Bjaaland's other accomplishments.
633. Roald Amundsens Minne (Amundsen's boyhood home). Fredrikstad.
640. Fefor Høifjellshotell og Hytter, site of testing of motor sledges. Fefor.
843. Grave of Frederik Hjalmar Johansen. Johannes Cemetery, Skien, Telemark.
1033-36. Streets in Trondheim named for Amundsen, Borchgrevink, Johansen and Riiser-Larsen.
1038. Roald Amundsen vei. Torp. Street named for Amundsen.