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As registration commences at the end of June 2014, the names will appear here alphabetically as they are received. The numbers indicate the registration sequence.

Registration is being limited to 100. The number registered and paid now stands at 27.

John Bonham England 24
Sue Bonham England 25
Joan Boothe USA 15
Ingrid Bryan Canada 18
Rorke Bryan Canada 17
Bob Burton England 2
Jackie Burton England 3
John Button England 13
Larry Conrad USA 26
Rick Dehmel USA 4
Suzy Dehmel USA 5
David Hirzel USA 8
Geir Kløver Norway 27
Beckie Pope USA 10
Maria Pope USA 11
Robert Pope, Jr. USA 9
Sheila Pressman USA 20
Michael Rosove USA 19
Philip Sidney England 19
Judy Skelton England 6
Rob Stephenson USA 1
Anne Straithie England 16
Mike Tarver England 23
Ken Thomas England 22
Janice Tipping England 7
Don Webster New Zealand 21
Angela Pope Wojnicki USA 12