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Co-Sponsors: Don Webster (New Zealand), Janice Tipping (England)
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As registration commences at the end of June 2014, the names will appear here alphabetically as they are received. The numbers indicate the registration sequence.

* indicates attended the first SouthPole-sium in 2012 in Jaffrey.

Registration is being limited to 100. The number registered and paid now stands at 62.

Home location breakdown:
     England: 32
     USA: 16
     Ireland: 3
     Scotland: 3
     Australia: 2
     France: 2
     Northern Ireland: 2
     Canada: 1
     Norway: 1

Karoline Kirchhübel Andersen England 56.
Bill Barr Canada 69. Staying at The Galley at Lorne
Sandy Benttinen USA 57.
Ted Benttinen USA 58.
John Bonham England * 24. Staying at Lunga House
Sue Bonham England * 25. Staying at Lunga House
Joan Boothe USA * 15.
Brad Borkan England 32. Staying at Lord of the Isles. Needs ride from Glasgow Airport to Craobh Haven on Friday.
Bob Burton England 2. Staying at Lunga House
Jackie Burton England 3. Staying at Lunga House
John Button England 13. Staying at Culfail Hotel in Kilmelford
Larry Conrad USA 26. Staying at Lunga House
Cathy Cooper England 28. Staying at Lunga House
Regina Daly USA * 33. Staying at Lunga House
Paul Davies England * 33. Staying at B&B in Kilmartin
Rick Dehmel USA * 4. Staying at Lunga House
Suzy Dehmel USA 5. Staying at Lunga House
Wendy Driver England 29. Staying at Lunga House
Beth Fitzsimmons USA 30. Staying at Loch Melfort Hotel
Joe Fitzsimmons USA 31. Staying at Loch Melfort Hotel
Kellie Gutman USA 43. Staying at The Galley at Lorne
Richard J.S. Gutman USA * 42. Staying at The Galley at Lorne
Robert K. Headland England 54. Staying with Jane and Falcon Scott
Bernadette Hince Australia 59.
David Hirzel USA * 8. Is interested in sharing accommodation. chips1901@sbcglobal.net
Eric Jarvis England 71.
Alison Jolley England 39. Staying at Lord of the Isles
Kevin Kenny Ireland 70.
Donald Kerr England 45.
Valerie Kerr England 46.
Geir Kløver Norway 27. Staying at Lunga House
Duncan C. Lawie England 35. Staying at Lunga House
Rosalind Rolfe Marsden England 67. Staying in a Lunga cottage
Geraldine McAdam Northern Ireland * 51.
Jim McAdam Northern Ireland * 50.
Norena McAdam Scotland 63. Staying on a boat in the Marina.
Cathy Corbishley Michel England 48.
Geoff Michel England 49.
Gary Paine Ireland 47. Staying at The Galley at Lorne
Michael Parker England 52.
Alan Payne England 38. Staying at Lord of the Isles
Jean Pimentel France 61. Staying in their camper van
Pascale Pimentel France 62. Staying in their camper van
Trevor Potts Scotland 60. Staying in his camper van
Sheila Pressman USA 20. Staying at Lunga House
Pat Quilty Australia 53 Staying at Lunga House
Michael Rosove USA * 19. Staying at Lunga House
Ann Shirley Savours England 66. Staying in a Lunga cottage
Falcon Scott Scotland 65.
Lucy Scott England 68.
Philip Sidney England 14.
Judy Skelton England 6. Staying at Lunga House
Marjory Spoerri USA 44.
Rob Stephenson USA * 1. Staying at Lunga House
Anne Strathie England 16. Staying at Lunga House
Seamus Taaffe Ireland 64.
Mike Tarver England 23. Staying at Lunga House
Ken Thomas England 22. Staying at Lunga House
Fuchsia Voremberg England 55.
David Williams England * 41. Staying at Lochshuna Lodges
Isobel Williams England * 40. Staying at Lochshuna Lodges
David M. Wilson England 34. Staying at Lunga House
Registrants by Accommodation:
Lunga House
    John Bonham
    Sue Bonham
    Bob Burton
    Jackie Burton
    Larry Conrad
    Cathy Cooper
    Regina Daly
    Rick Dehmel
    Suzy Dehmel
    Wendy Driver
    Duncan C. Lawie
    Sheila Pressman
    Pat Quilty
    Michael Rosove
    Judy Skelton
    Rob Stephenson
    Anne Strathie
    Mike Tarver
    Ken Thomas
    David M. Wilson

Lunga Cottage
    Rosalind Rolfe Marsden
    Ann Shirley Savours

Lochshuna Lodges
    David Williams
    Isobel Williams

Lord of the Isles
    Brad Borkan
    Alison Jolley

The Galley at Lorne
    Bill Barr
    Kellie Gutman
    Richard J.S. Gutman
    Gary Paine

Loch Melfort Hotel
    Beth Fitzsimmons
    Joe Fitzsimmons

B&B in Kilmartin
    Paul Davies

Camper Van
    Jean Pimentel
    Pascale Pimentel
    Trevor Potts

On Boat
    Norena McAdam

Culfail Hotel in Kilmelford
    John Button