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This will expand and change as the SouthPole-sium approaches.

FRIDAY (1 May 2015)
Registration, informal discussions, socializing during morning and afternoon, for early arrivals.
Opening reception. Probably 6pm. Either at Lunga House or down on the shore (somewhawt weather dependent). The reception will morph into a barbecue or other type of light supper.
Possibly some sort of entertainment; perhaps by one or more of the attendees; perhaps some traditional Scottish music. Show & Tell

SATURDAY (2 May 2015)
Attendees introduce themselves and their interests. (This may take up most of the morning. This worked well in Jaffrey as it made it possible for attendees to seek one another out later on. Also, it was a way for one to describe some project they were involved in, etc.). If sufficient time left: Short presentations, book launch(es).
Lunch. Sandwiches, etc.
Afternoon. Devoted to short presentations with perhaps one longer one. At least one moderated discussion.
Evening. Reception followed by the Banquet, concluding with a ceilidh. Probably some sort after-dinner talk, hopefully humorous.

SUNDAY (3 May 2015)
Continuation of Saturday's presentations and discussions. Book launch(es). At least one moderated discussion.
Perhaps a short excursion of some sort near the end of the day.
Drinks and something to eat at The Lord of the Isles pub down in the village (cost not included in registration).

MONDAY (4 May 2015, Bank Holiday)
Continuation of Sunday's presentations and discussions. At least one moderated discussion.
Lunch. Sandwiches, etc., followed by wrap-up discussions and farewells. Book launch(es).

NOTE: We will strive to keep talks to 15 minutes. This was a challenge at the first SouthPole-sium. One longer talk—40 minutes—is a possibility. Perhaps a talk on the history of Scotland's association with the Antarctic. Any volunteers?