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This will probably be the final update. If something important develops I may send out a message from Scotland.

We have menu choices for the Saturday night Banquet from nearly everone. Below some excerpts from past updates:
FOR THOSE CAMPING OR IN CAMPERS/VANS Very close by to Lunga House is a campground with some facilities including toilets at the Pier on Lunga Bay. It is owned by the Lunga Estate (not Lunga House) and it's unclear whether it's free or not or whether one should book ahead. (If interested, contact the Estate Office at Tel : 01852 500 531 or colin@lunga.com) There is also a more extensive motor home/caravan park in Ardfern but I can find no information about it.

LOGISTICS Quite a few of those attending are not arriving by car. They are taking a bus or taking the train to Oban. Some are looking for rides from Oban or from Glasgow and perhaps elsewhere. Some have offered rides. If you are in any of these categories have a look at LOGISTICS.

PHONE NUMBERS If you have difficulties just ahead of the SouthPole-sium or during it, here are some contacts:
    Lunga House 01852 500237
    Meg MacLeod (Lunga House owner) 01294 279 597 Mobile: 07979 522 216
    Sarah MacLeod (Lunga House Marketing & Events Manager) 0131 347 1325
    Falcon Scott 01852 500 693 Mobile: 07867 962 311
    Rob Stephenson 07468 869 442 (A SIM card was recently sent to me by a friend; presumably it will work but I won't know until I land in the UK on 28 April)
    Lunga House has wi-fi so I will be able to receive e-mails at antarctic-circle@comcast.net or at rob@rs41.org

AUCTION We will be having a short auction at the Saturday night Banquet. (Some of the items that we have already lined up are shown here.) If you'd like to bring a few books—perhaps some Antarctic duplicates—or other odds and ends, please do so. You can receive all the proceeds, donate them to the SouthPole-sium or another organization or split them 50-50. John Bonham—appropriately named—will be our auctioneer, assisted by Anne Strathie.

CONTESTS As you may already know we have several contests going. Winners will be chosen using the ballots in your conference packs and announced by Joe O'Farrell at the Banquet. Valuable prizes will be awarded.
The contests: 1) Antarctic Haiku (so far 15 entries); 2) Antarctic Limericks (so far 4 entries); 3) Antarctic Fiction (so far 2 entries); 4) Anything about Penguins (so far 12 entries); 5) Favorite Photos (so far 12 entries).
The deadline for all entries is April 22nd.
See the homepage for links to the entries received: http://www.antarctic-circle.org/gathering2.htm

TALK BY GILL POULTER Gill Poulter is the Heritage and Exhibitions Director at the Dundee Heritage Trust. She has kindly offered to do something special for those attending the two dinners aboard Discovery (but open to all attending the SouthPole-sium). Here's what she says: "I'm sure we could organise something such as a special tour of the ship or perhaps the chance to see some of the collections we have in store. Pretty much all our polar collections are on-line now so people could search in advance for items related to people or expeditions they are interested in and we could get them out (within reason of course). Access is either via a link on our main website 'Explore our collections' button or directly through http://www.dhtcollections.com".
This talk is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th, at 11am. Final details should be available at the SouthPole-sium). (A minimum number is needed to make this viable so if you are interested please contact Jim McAdam at Jim.McAdam@afbini.gov.uk)

BROUGHTY FERRY And if you go to Dundee—either for the Discovery dinner or otherwise—try to get to the Broughty Ferry Museum, just a few miles east along the River Tay. It's open Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 12:30-4pm. There are some very interesting Antarctic things on display: A model of the Terra Nova; a large oil painting of the Balaena signed M.N.M.; watercolor by Wilson entitled 'Discovery in the Antarctic' (painting was given by the artist to Mr J. Duncan who served aboard the Discovery); a polar medal in bronze awarded to J. Duncan, Dundee, on Captain Scott's Discovery expedition; a letter written by Scott dated 8 December 1904 thanking Baxter Brothers, Dundee, for their excellent sail cloth which he used aboard the Discovery; a copy of the only issue of 'The Blizzard,' Discovery expedition newspaper; a large painting entitled: "In the Antarctic 1892, 3. Active, Captain Robertson, Balaena, Captain Fairweather, Diana, Captain Davidson, by Burn Murdoch; a Bible presented to the crew of the Terra Nova by the Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Tasmania, during the Discovery Relief Expedition 1903-04; additional information on the Dundee whaling fleet: models, stain glass window, various harpoon guns; and some very nice what appear to be pen and ink drawings of the Terra Nova by Sythes.

VISIT TO THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND The National Library of Scotland has a fine collection of Antarcticana. Paula Williams, who is Curator of the Maps, Mountaineering & Polar Collections, has kindly offered to host a group at the Library. Those going to or from Dundee for the dinners aboard Discovery might be interested but anyone from the SouthPole-sium would be welcome. It's set for Tuesday, 5 May, at 12 noon but will only be held if there is sufficient interest. Therefore it's important to contact Paula at P.Williams@nls.uk. National Library of Scotland, 159 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1PH. Tel: 0131 623 4671

    1. Tower of Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with a splash of whisky cream sauce
    2. Traditional Cullen Skink served with warm crusty rolls (gluten free)
    3. Bacon and Brie Tart with caramelised red onion and balsamic drizzle
    4. Goats cheese with glazed baby beetroot and a red onion salad (vegetarian)

    1. Fillet of Hake with Mixed Vegetable Fricassee cooked in a light garlic and cream sauce served with roasted baby potatoes
    2. Rack of Argyll Lamb with garlic mash, wild mushrooms & spinach, sauted greens and a rosemary & port wine jus
    3. Wild Mushroom Risotto topped with Mull cheddar (vegetarian)

    1.Traditional Scottish Raspberry Cranachan* with homemade shortbread
    2. Selection of Scottish Cheeses accompanied with Scottish oatcakes, chutney, grapes and celery
    3. Rhubarb Crumble with custard and a hint of vanilla

*Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert. In modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries.
CHOICES SO FAR 64 have responded so far. If there are no entries after your name and your name appears in red, I've not heard from you yet or have misplaced your choices. Deadline: April 19th. Even if it's after the deadline still let me know otherwise you may have little or no choice.

No Name Starter Main Dessert
01 Karoline Kirchhübel Andersen Goats 1 Lamb 1 Crumble 1
02 Antonia Lindsay-McDougal Baird
03 David Baird
04 Bill Barr Skink 1 Lamb 2 Cranachan 1
05 Sandy Benttinen Tart 1 Lamb 3 Crumble 2
06 Ted Benttinen Skink 2 Hake 1 Cranachan 2
07 John Bonham Tart 2 Lamb 4 Cranachan 3
08 Sue Bonham Tart 3 Lamb 5 Cheese 1
09 Brad Borkan Goats 2 Lamb 6 Cranachan 4
10 Bob Burton Haggis 1 Lamb 7 Cranachan 5
11 Jackie Burton Tart 4 Lamb 8 Cranachan 6
12 John Button Skink 3 Lamb 9 Cranachan 7
13 Larry Conrad Haggis 2 Lamb 10 Cheese 2
14 Cathy Cooper Goats 3 Risotto 1 Cranachan 8
15 Regina Daly Haggis 3 Lamb 11 Cranachan 9
16 Paul Davies Tart 5 Hake 2 Crumble 3
17 Rick Dehmel Tart 6 Lamb 12 Cheese 3
18 Suzy Dehmel Tart 7 Lamb 13 Cranachan 10
19 Wendy Driver Tart 8 Hake 3 Cranachan 11
20 Beth Fitzsimmons Goats 4 Lamb 14 Crumble 4
21 Joe Fitzsimmons Tart 9 Lamb 15 Crumble 5
22 Kellie Gutman Tart 10 Lamb 16 Cranachan 12
23 Richard Gutman Goats 5 Lamb 17 Cranachan 13
24 Bob Headland Tart 11 Lamb 18 Cheese 4
25 Bernadette Hince Skink 4 Lamb 19 Cranachan 14
26 David Hirzel Goats 6 Hake 4 Cranachan 15
27 Eric Jarvis Skink 5 Lamb 20 Cranachan 16
28 Alison Jolley Goats 7 Risotto 2 Cranachan 17
29 Kevin Kenny Skink 6 Lamb 21 Cheese 5
30 Don Kerr Tart 12 Lamb 22 Cheese 6
31 Valerie Kerr Tart 13 Hake 5 Cranachan 18
32 Geir Kløver
33 Duncan Lawie Haggis 4 Lamb 23 Cranachan 19
34 Stuart Leggatt Haggis 5 Lamb 24 Cheese 7
35 Rosalind Marsden Haggis 6 Lamb 25 Cranachan 20
36 Geraldine McAdam Haggis 7 Lamb 26 Cranachan 21
37 Jim McAdam Haggis 8 Lamb 27 Cranachan 22
38 Norena McAdam Haggis 9 Lamb 28 Cranachan 23
39 Eva Meidl Haggis 10 Lamb 29 Cranachan 24
40 Cathy Corbishley Michel Skink 7 Lamb 30 Cranachan 25
41 Geoff Michel Skink 8 Lamb 31 Cranachan 26
42 Joe O'Farrell Goats 8 Lamb 32 Crumble 6
43 Gary Paine Tart 14 Lamb 33 Cranachan 27
44 Mick Parker Tart 15 Lamb 34 Crumble 7
45 Alan Payne Haggis 11 Lamb 35 Cranachan 29
46 Jean Pimental Haggis 12 Hake 6 Cranachan 30
47 Pascale Pimental Skink 9 Lamb 36 Crumble 8
48 Trevor Potts Skink 10 Lamb 37 Cheese 8
49 Sheila Pressman Haggis 13 Lamb 38 Crumble 9
50 Pat Quilty Skink 11 Hake 7 Cranachan 31
51 Michael Rosove Skink 12 Hake 8 Cranachan 32
52 Falcon Scott Skink 13 Lamb 39 Crumble 10
53 Jane Scott Goats 9 Lamb 40 Crumble 11
54 Lucy Scott Skink 14 Lamb 41 Cheese 9
55 Ann Shirley Skink 15 Lamb 42 Cranachan 33
56 Philip Sidney Skink 16 Lamb 43 Cheese 10
57 Judy Skelton Haggis 14 Lamb 44 Cranachan 34
58 Marj Spoerri Haggis 15 Hake 9 Crumble 12
59 Rob Stephenson Skink 17 Hake 10 Cranachan 35
60 Anne Strathie Haggis 16 Lamb 45 Cranachan 36
61 Seamus Taaffe Haggis 17 Lamb 46 Cranachan 37
62 Mike Tarver Haggis 18 Lamb 47 Cranachan 38
63 Ken Thomas Skink 18 Lamb 48 Cranachan 39
64 Fuchsia Voremberg Goats 10 Lamb 49 Crumble 13
65 David Williams Skink 19 Hake 11 Cranachan 40
66 Isobel Williams Haggis 19 Lamb 50 Cheese 11
67 David Wilson Haggis 20 Lamb 51 Cranachan 41


    Haggis 20
    Skink 19
    Tart 15
    Goats cheese 10 =64
    Hake 11
    Lamb 51
    Risotto 2 =64
    Cranachan 40
    Cheeses 11
    Crumble 13 =64


Audio Visual:
The following are bringing computer projectors:
    Trevor Potts
    Bob Burton
The following are bringing Kodak Carousel projectors:
    Mike Tarver
    Bob Burton

4 April

The following have volunteered for various tasks:
    Registration desk:
        Jackie Burton
        Wendy Driver
    Audio Visual, Sound, Computers:
        Kellie Gutman
        Trevor Potts
        Kevin Kenny
    Organizing & Moderating:
        Seamus Taaffe
        Paul Davies
        Cathy Cooper
        No one yet
        Kellie Gutman
        Philip Sidney
        John Bonham
        Need an Assistant Auctioneer (to keep track of the lots and collect the money)
        Joe O'Farrell
        David Hirzel
    After Dinner Speaker:
        Bob Burton (The Strange and Awful History of Scurvy)
        Bob Headland (Some new and beloved old Passenger Silly Questions)

Mostly since 1 April

Photographs of many of those coming to the SouthPole-sium v.2 are now up.