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Jonathan Shackleton is donating a replica of the Shackleton sledge flag and a pengiuin mask.

Wendy Driver is donating a Discovery t-shirt.

Art Gertel e-mails to say: "I also plan to bring a copy of Deutsche Forscher im Sudpolarmeer for the auction. It is a report on the German Antarctic Expedition from 1938-39 and is in German. 1941. Of historical interest, given that the Nazis were rumored to attempt to claim parts of Antarctica by dropping aluminum "darts" with swastika flags (this may be apocryphal)."

Ken Thomas is bringing a collection of vintage booksellers catalogues to add to the auction: Explorer Books, (John Simper) Polar Regions, Catalogue 2, April 1984, Catalogue 3, September 1984; Occasional list 1/86 March 1986; Polar Regions, December 1987; Polar Regions, Catalogue 6, October 1989; Explorer Books, Polar Regions, Catalogue 7, Feb 1990.
Clive Farahar, Voyages & Travels, Catalogue 25 Catalogue 34, 1992; Catalogue 36, 1993.
Bonham & Morrell, Travel and Exploration, Catalogue 4.
Cavendish Rare Books, Catalogue 18, February 1984.

Tom Henderson is donating a copy of his 'Ice Eagles' video.

Rob Stephenson is bringing:

A selection of Erebus & Terror Press Keepsakes

9 copies. Mint.

Approaching Ice | Poems

By Elizabeth Bradfield. Mint.

On Ice

By Gretchen Legler. Mint.

Program for Centenary of Terra Nova Expedition

St. Paul's Cathedral. Mint.

Voyage of the Belgica

Adrien de Gerlache. Bluntisham/Erskine Press. Mint.

Penguin fingernail briush

Unused. mint.


The Auction at the SouthPole-sium in Scotland was fun with lots of spirited bidding. The proceeds helped cover some of the extra expenses. If you have any Antarctic items you'd like to donate, let me know so I can add them here, and bring them with you. This is a good way to get rid of a duplicate book or two. (Items may be donated by attendees with all the proceeds going to support the costs of the SouthPole-sium, or a 50-50 split with the donor.)

1) Three copies of The Magic of Antarctic Colors about the art of David Abbey Paige, the artist on BAEII. Donated by Laura Kissel.

2) A scarf created for the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, modeled after one of David Abbey Paige's Antarctic pastels. Donated by Laura Kissel.

3) A penguin wine stopper featuring an Emperor chick. Donated by Marj Spoerri.

4) Lewis, David. Voyage to the Ice; the Antarctic Expedition of Solo (1979). Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

5) Davies, Paul. From South Devon to the South Pole (second edition 2013). Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

6) Heidenreich, Elke. Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot; the Three Tenors Play the Antarctic (2001). Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

7) Evans, Admiral Sir Edward. British Polar Explorers (second impression, 1946). Fine copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

8) [Huxley, Leonard J.]. To the South Pole. Captain Scott's Own Story told from his Journals. Strand Magazine issues reporting on Scott's Final Expedition. Four monthly issues bound together. Dampstained. Copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

9) Bruce, Captain W. M. Reminiscences of the Terra Nova in the Antarctic (2012). A Keepsake prepared for the SouthPole-sium in Jaffrey, NH. Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

10) Bryan, Rorke, 'Scotia' and William Speirs Bruce's Scottish National; Antarctic Expedition (2015). A Keepsake prepared for the SouthPole-sium in Craobh Haven, Scotland. Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

11) Mackay, A. Forbes, The Diary of A. Forbes Mackay 1908-1909 (2015). A Keepsake prepared for the SouthPole-sium in Craobh Haven, Scotland. Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

12) Stephenson, Robert B., Scotland and the Antarctic (2015). A Keepsake prepared for the SouthPole-sium in Craobh Haven, Scotland. Mint copy donated by Rob Stephenson.

13) A coffee mug produced for the SouthPole-sium in Jaffrey, NH. Donated by Rob Stephenson.

14) Huw Lewis Jones, Face to Face Polar Portraits (paperback). Donated by Wendy Driver. For the benefit of The Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham.

15) Brass penguin napkin rings. Donated by Marj Spoerri.

16) Two pressed flower bookmarks made in England. Donated by Laura Kissel.

17) Four copies of Scott of the Antarctic and Cardiff by Anthony M. Johnson (1984). Donated by Jack Wright, Captain Scott Society.

18) George Seaver, Edward Wilson–Nature Lover, Butler & Tanner, December 1947. No dustjacket, fairly good and clean. Donated by Cathy Cooper.

19) Rejoice my Heart; The Making of H.R. Mill's 'The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton.' The Private Correspondence of Dr Hugh Robert Mill and Lady Shackleton, 1922-33, Adelie Books, 2007. Signed and donated by Michael Rosove.

20) Hermelo, Ricardo S. and José M. Sobral and Felipe Fliess, When the Corvette Uruguay was Dismasted; The Return of the Uruguay from the Antarctic in 1903, Adelie Books, 2004. Signed and donated by Michael Rosove.

21) Mike Tarver, The Man Who Found Captain Scott, Antarctic Explorer and War Hero, Surgeon Captain Edward Leicester Atkinson…, Pendragon, 2015. Donated by Mike Tarver.

22) "One set of my Armchair Adventurer audio CDs. Each one is a double CD set and goes about two hours. The three that are currently available are 1) Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare: the 1914 Voyage of The Endurance; 2) Polar Opposites: Amundsen, Scott, and the Race for the Pole; and 3) The Essex (not Antarctic but a gripping adventure story nonetheless)." Donated by Lawrence Howard.

23) Electronic copy on a thumb drive of the full edition of Frank Hurley's List of Images with a copy of Shackleton's Photographer. Donated by Shane Murphy.