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The names of those who responded saying
• "I'll definitely be there" or
• "I'm likely to come" or
• "Maybe. Hard to say now. Please keep me informed" or
• "Unlikely, but there's a chance. Please keep me informed" or
• "Darn! I can't make it or have had to drop out."
will appear here after the November 2018 e-mail launch. Once registration commences on January 31, 2019, those on the list who have registered will be indicated.

* indicates attended the first SouthPole-sium in 2012 in Jaffrey.
** indicates attended the second SouthPole-sium in 2015 in Craobh Haven.
*** indicates attended the third SouthPole-sium in 2017 in Oslo.

I'll definitely be there. (This in no way commits you at this point.) Appearing in order of receipt.
1. Rob Stephenson USA * ** *** REGISTERED
2. Joe O'Farrell Ireland * ** *** REGISTERED
3. Geraldine McAdam Ireland * ** REGISTERED
4. Jim McAdam Ireland * ** REGISTERED
5. Jonathan Shackleton Ireland REGISTERED
6. Seamus Taaffe Ireland * ** REGISTERED
7. Kevin Kenny Ireland ** REGISTERED
8. Vincent Sheridan Ireland REGISTERED
9. Brad Borkan UK ** *** REGISTERED
10. Mark McClean Ireland REGISTERED
11. Regina Koellner Germany *** REGISTERED
12. Neale Webb Ireland SAT NIGHT ONLY
13. Bob Burton UK ** *** REGISTERED
14. Jackie Burton UK ** *** REGISTERED
15. Rose Waldron Ireland REGISTERED
16. Laura Farrelly Ireland
17. Karen Woods UK *** REGISTERED
18. Kathy Covert USA REGISTERED
19. Cathy Cooper UK ** *** REGISTERED
20. Mick Parker UK ** *** REGISTERED
21. Peggy Nelson USA *** REGISTERED
22. Wendy Driver UK ** *** REGISTERED
23. Hilary Shibata UK *REGISTERED
25. Olivier De Schreval Belgium REGISTERED
26. Joanna Grochowicz New Zealand REGISTERED
27. Bill Spindler USA REGISTERED
I'm likely to come.
1. Drew Clarke Australia REGISTERED
2. Medbh Gillard Ireland
3. Michael Smith UK REGISTERED
4. Julian Salisbury UK *** REGISTERED
5. Tom Henderson USA * *** REGISTERED
6. Lian Henderson USA ***
7. Millie Eidson USA *** REGISTERED
8. Fergus O'Gorman Ireland REGISTERED
9. Ann-Rachael Harwood UK ***
10. Art Gertel USA *** REGISTERED
11. Ken Thomas UK ** *** REGISTERED
12. Evelyn Baess Germany *** REGISTERED
13. Suzann Johnson USA REGISTERED
14. Marj Spoerri USA** *** REGISTERED
Maybe. Hard to say now. Please keep me informed.
1. Jahn Rønne Norway ***
2. Nigel Watson New Zealand
3. Lisle Rose USA
4. Phillip Sidney UK **
5. Wilson McOrist Australia
6. Karen Ronne Tupek USA * ***
7. Doug Cochrane UK
8. Tricia Wood UK ***
9. Richard Reaney New Zealand
10. Steve Dibbern USA
11. Lucy Martin UK
12. Hester Blum USA
13. Bernadette Hince Australia **
Unlikely, but there's a chance. Please keep me informed.
1. Liesl Schernthanner USA
2. Trevor Potts UK **
3. Deirdre Stam USA *
4. Don Webster New Zealand
Darn! I can't make it or have had to drop out.
Jason Athony USA *
John & Sue Bonham UK * ** ***
Maryann Bowen UK
Paul Chaplin Norway
Larry Conrad USA **
Paul Davies UK * **
Scot DeGraf USA
Rick & Suzie Dehmel USA * ** ***
Chris Edwards UK
Sue Edwards UK
Aant Elzinga Sweden ***
Garry Evenden UK
Joe & Beth Fitzsimmons USA ** ***
Magnus Forsberg Sweden ***
David Hirzel USA
Meredith Hooper UK
Charles W. Johnson USA
Geir Kløver Norway ***
Ted Kuczynski
Anders Larsson Sweden ***
Lucy Martin UK
Norena McAdam UK **
Shirley Metz USA
Shane Murphy USA ***
Gary Paine Ireland ** ***
Kirsti Klev Paulsen Norway
James Perowne UK
Mark Pharaoh Australia
Robert B. Pope, Jr. USA *
Sheila PressmanUSA ** ***
John Reid UK
Michael Rosove USA * ** ***
Jay Satterfield USA
Judy Skelton UK
Peter Spielmann USA
David Stam USA *
Deirdre Stam USA *
Glenn Marty Stein USA
Anne Strathie UK ** ***
Mike Tarver UK ** ***
Mark Tewfik UK ***
Mike Warr Canada
Isobel & David Williams UK ** ***
Denis Wilkins UK
Jack Wright UK ***
A New Category: Attending the Saturday evening reception and banquet only
This option is available for a cost of €80.
Eimear Leonard with Evelyn Baess Ireland and Germany
Maire with Vincent Sheridan Ireland
Neale Webb Ireland
Another New Category: Attending Sunday in Athy only, including lunch at Kilkea Castle and the bus excursion through Shackleton Country. One can join the group in Dublin or in Athy.
This option is available for a cost of €40.