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The SouthPole-sium will conclude around midday on Sunday. For those who wish to visit some Shackleton sites we will be arranging a bus tour. The size of the coach will determine the numbers. The cost will be worked out in time for the opening of registration on January 31, 2019.

Here's the likely itinerary:

35 Marlborough Road in the Donnybrook section of Dublin. The Shackleton family moved to this address upon coming to Dublin from Kilkea. A plaque was placed on the house in 2000. We won't go inside but the owners may greet us and they'll be some time to take a photo or two.

Kilkea Castle. We hope to be able to arrange lunch at this lovely castle, in view of the nearby birthplace of Ernest Shackleton.

Kilkea House will be our next stop, the birthplace of Ernest Shackleton and his home until he was six years old.

Ballitore. This village is steeped in Shackleton lore.

Athy Heritage Centre is in the nearby town of Athy. It hosts each October the Shackleton Autumn School, the inspiration for the SouthPole-sium There are many Shackleton and Antarctic related things to see here. Plans are developing to rebrand the Centre as the Shackleton Museum. Mark Richard's recent larger-than-life statue of Shackleton stands just outside the Centre.

• Before heading back to Dublin there'll be an opportunity to enjoy a pint at O'Brien's across Emily Square from the Heritage Centre. This traditional Irish Pub (grocery store in front) has many Antarctic associations.

TOTAL MILEAGE: About 175 km or 109 miles.

NOTE: There's a possibility that the optional bus tour will be shifted to Monday and be an all-day tour. If so, either the Sunday morning session would be extended into the afternoon or some visits will be arranged on Sunday afternoon such as Trinity College, etc.

It would be nice to travel north to Banbridge, the home town of Francis Crozier. His impressive statue stands in a roundabout across the street from his house and his church where there is an intricately carved marble plaque commemorating his life and death. It's likely too far to include with the Monday tour but if there were enough interest perhaps a tour could be put together for Friday the 9th prior to the opening reception. If you'd be interested, let us know.

Stops along the way.

35 Marlbough Road.

Kilkea Castle.

Kilkea House.


Athy Heritage Center.

Shackleton statue.