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Included below are selected comments—some edited and most anonymous—from incoming e-mails.

Once we learned of the London Bookfair date conflict we thought hard about changing the date of the SouthPole-sium but this proved difficult primarily because of other bookings at our venue. Our focus is books so it's too bad that some booksellers and collectors will have to bypass Dublin.

We've added this to the agenda for Friday morning: UPDATE: A couple of registrants have questioned why Banbridge and its Crozier sites are not being included in the all-day Sunday bus tour. It was considered but in the end the consensus was that there wasn't enough time to add it to the itinerary. But if several people (but not too many) are interested in going to Banbridge (81 miles) on Friday morning, returning by mid-afternoon, we'll try to arrange it with a volunteer driver. If so, those going can chip in towards petrol and the driver can get a free lunch along the way.
Registration. From 5pm or so onward.

I would love to come but, alas, it clashes with the London antiquarian book fair: https://www.firstslondon.com/

I'd be keen to come. My second book 'Amundsen's Way', the follow-up to my 2017 'Into the White - Scott's Antarctic Odyssey' comes out in May in Australia and New Zealand, September for UK and US release. I'd love to do a pre-launch at the SouthPole-sium in Dublin and further the research for the third book in my 'Antarctic Quartet' - Shackleton!
'Into the White - Scott's Antarctic Odyssey' has gone very well both in Aus/NZ and in UK. Now in it's fifth reprint so my publisher is very pleased. The book was also shortlisted for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults which was fantastic. I've just completed my second annual book tour of UK schools and spoke this year at the Chalke Valley History Festival in Wiltshire in June and the Althorp Literary Festival in Northamptonshire in October so I'm pretty pleased that the UK market has responded so well to another book about Captain Scott. 
Back to UK in March to undertake research at Scott Polar Research Institute and considering follow-up trip in June so the SouthPole-sium could work very well. Fingers crossed!
Best wishes 
Joanna Grochowicz

I'd love to come but unfortunately it won't be possible this time either.  Ironically this is due to an almost clash with a similar get together of Shackleton followers/enthusiasts being held in the middle of May in Annascaul, Ireland. This is being organised by Stephen Scott-Fawcett who I see is also on your distribution list.  Sad to say I cannot justify two such excursions is rapid succession.
Very disappointing that I am once again stymied by conflicting temptations. Best wishes for a successful event in June - I hope to hear more about it in due course, albeit indirectly.

I note from the outline agenda that you may wish to have a talk on the Irish in Antarctica. As you know, I have written extensively on the subject and have focused on both the leading characters – Shackleton and Crean – and the lesser known people such as Keohane, Crozier and course Bransfield (the 200th anniversary of his first sighting of the continent is January 2020).  I would be delighted to give a talk, but perfectly understand if you have others in mind.

I saw the note on the website about the possibility of holding another symposium in Dublin in 2019, which sounds a good idea. In case you were not aware, there are two other Polar events planned in Ireland that year and I thought you would care to avoid a clash of dates. Please ignore the following if they have already come to your attention.
 One is the Sir Ernest Shackleton Appreciation Society which is proposing a gathering in Anascaul on the weekend of May 18, 2019. They held a similar event in Dundee earlier this year which was well attend. The other is the annual Tom Crean Festival which is normally held on the third weekend of June (June 15 – 16 in 2019).  Both dates are provisional.

If we do come, I'd enjoy giving a 10-15 minute presentation on some topic of interest.

Thanks for keeping me informed. I will put my name down as "Likely to come" probably with my wife Sue. I still work as a tour leader going to and from Antarctica (and elsewhere) and during the boreal summer the "elsewhere" means I am sometimes not available (hence my non-appearance on my home turf at Craobh Haven in 2015),  but in 2019 your dates mean I am between one voyage round the UK and another from Kamchatka to Japan so may just be able to squeeze in a trip to Dublin.

This is truly wonderful news, and I’d be signing up - except that it clashes with the London rare book week (one fair runs 6-7 June, the other 7-9 June). 
I suspect that other booksellers will be in the same boat as me (John Bonham, Paul Davies, Maggs, etc.). I will have to be there in spirit with you. Best wishes Stuart

I'm planning to be there - although it coincides with the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Will there be any optional excusions? They were brilliant in Oslo.

This coincides with the London Bookfairs. I have indicated that I may not be able to attend.