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As registration commences in January 31, 2019, the names will appear here alphabetically as they are received. The numbers indicate the registration sequence.

* indicates attended the first SouthPole-sium in 2012 in Jaffrey.
** indicates attended the second SouthPole-sium in 2015 in Craobh Haven.
*** indicates attended the third SouthPole-sium in 2017 in Oslo.

Registration is being limited to 90. The number registered and paid now stands at 43.

Home location breakdown:
     Australia: 1
     Belgium: 1
     Germany: 2
     Ireland & Northern Ireland: 14
     New Zealand: 2
     UK: 14
     USA: 9

Photos of some of the Registrants.
Listed alphabetically with registration number in orange.
AHC=Athy Heritage Centre. TAC=The Antarctic Circle TD Bank. RBS=Robert Stephenson Royal Bank of Scotland
1. Evelyn Baess Germany *** 2. Payment through AHC. Registered.
2. Brad Borkan UK ** *** 27. Payment by cheque. Registered.
3. Bob Burton UK ** *** 23. Payment through RBS. Registered.
4. Jackie Burton UK ** *** 24. Payment through RBS. Registered.
5. Drew Clarke Australia 4. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
6. Cathy Cooper UK ** *** 7. Payment through RBS. Registered.
7. Trevor Cornford UK 40. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
8. Kathy Covert USA 5. Payment through TAC. Registered.
9. Olivier De Schrevel Belgium 20. Payment through AHC. Registered.
10. Wendy Driver UK ** *** 6. Payment through RBS. Registered.
11. Millie Eidson USA * *** 11. Payment through TAC. Registered.
12. Brett Fotheringham New Zealand 39. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
13. Art Gertel USA *** 18. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
14. Joanna Grochowicz New Zealand 30. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
15. Tom Henderson USA * *** 10. Payment through TAC. Registered.
16. Mike Hibbs UK 38. Payment through RBS. Registered.
17. Suzann Johnson USA 19. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
18. Kevin Kenny Ireland ** 33. Payment through AHC. Registered.
19. Gina Koellner Germany *** 28. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
20. Geraldine McAdam Northern Ireland * ** 12. Payment through RBS. Registered.
21. Jim McAdam Northern Ireland * ** 13. Payment through RBS. Registered.
22. Mark McClean Ireland 3. Payment through AHC. Registered.
23. Margaret Naughton Ireland 43. Payment through AHC. Registered.
24. Peggy Nelson USA *** 34. Payment through PayPal. Registered.
25. Joe O'Farrell Ireland * ** *** 15. Payment through AHC. Registered.
26. Fergus O'Gorman Ireland 32. Payment through AHC. Registered.
27. Michael Parker UK ** *** 21. Payment by cheque. Registered.
28. Julian Salisbury UK *** 16. Payment by cheque. Registered.
29. Margaret Salisbury UK 17. Payment by cheque. Registered.
30. Jonathan Shackleton Ireland 22. Registered.
31. Vincent Sheridan Ireland 31. Payment through AHC. Registered.
32. Hilary Shibata UK *37. Payment through RBS. Registered.
33. Michael Smith UK 8. Payment through RBS. Registered.
34. Bill Spindler USA 35. Payment through PayPal.Registered.
35. Marjory Spoerri USA 29. Payment through TAC. Registered.
36. Robert Stephenson USA * ** *** 1. Payment through TAC. Registered.
37. Frank Taaffe Ireland 36. Payment through AHC. Registered.
38. Seamus Taaffe Ireland * **14. Payment through AHC. Registered.
39. Ken Thomas UK ** *** 9. Payment through RBS. Registered.
40. Rose Waldron Ireland 26. Payment through AHC. Registered.
41. Karen Woods UK *** 25. Payment through AHC. Registered.
42. Diane Ireland 41. Payment through AHC. Registered.
43. John Ireland 42. Payment through AHC. Registered.
Coach Excursion to Athy, Sunday, June 9.   50 signed up. Limited to a total of 50 because of the size of the coach and the maximum that Kilkea Castle can accommodate for lunch. NO MORE CAN BE ACCOMMODATED ON THE BUS OR FOR LUNCH BUT INTERESTED PERSONS ARE WELCOMED AT THE ATHY HERITAGE CENTRE WITHOUT CHARGE. SEE THE SUNDAY SCHEDULE AT
1. Drew Clarke
2. Cathy Cooper
3. Trevor Cornford
4. Kathy Covert
5. Olivier De Schrevel
6. Wendy Driver
7. Millie Eidson
8. Art Gertel
9. Joanna Grochowicz
10. Tom Henderson
11. Mike Hibbs
12. Suzann Johnson
13. Kevin Kenny
14. Gina Koellner
15. Jim McAdam
16. Geraldine McAdam
17. Breda Naughton
18. Peggy Nelson
19. Joe O'Farrell
20. Michael Parker
21. Julian Salisbury
22. Margaret Salisbury
23. Jonathan Shackleton
24. Hilary Shibata
25. Michael Smith
26. Bill Spindler
27. Marjory Spoerri
28. Rob Stephenson
29. Frank Taaffe (may meet us in Athy)
30. Seamus Taaffe (may meet us in Athy)
31. Ken Thomas
32. Karen Woods

Not registered for the SouthPole-sium itself:
1. Dr. Michael Conway
2. Maureen Conway
3. Vincent Conway
4. Marlynne Flack
5. John Galligan
6. Theresa Kearney
7. Willie Kearney
8. Jackie Lambert
9. Joan Martin
10. Roger Martin
11. Honor McCulloch
12. Maureen Meany
13. Angela O'Brien
14. Kathleen Seaver
15. Peter Seaver
16. Paula Trench
17. Lilian Webb
18. Philip Barnaart?

NOTE: There is still room for more passengers. If you'd like to go on the excursion, including the luncheon at Kilkea Castle, you may do so for €40 each. You can join the excursion at the outset or in Athy. We are hoping that some local people in Athy interested in the Antarctic will join us for some of the day.

Excursion to Banbridge, Friday, June 7. This is an optional excursion to Banbridge in Northern Ireland where there are several Francis Crozier sites of interest to those drawn to the Arcitc and/or the Antarctic. Joanna has hired a car for this excursion so if you are interested in being included, if space is available, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.
3 signed up (the latest is that Michael may pass on this).

Those expressing interest include at the moment:
     • Joanna Grochowicz
     • Gina Koellner
     • Michael Smith (the Crozier expert)
Saturday night Reception and Banquet. Several have asked if they could bring a guest to the Saturday evening festivities. Or just attend Saturday night and skip everything else. Absolutely. The cost is €80. So far, the following are planning to do this:
• Eimear Leonard with Evelyn Baess Ireland and Germany
• Maire with Vincent Sheridan Ireland
• Neale Webb Ireland
Registrants by Accommodation:
(This might help people making bookings. We're still trying to find a hotel that can offer reasonable rates and serve as an "official unofficial" hotel. Keep posted. UPDATE: We've struck out on coming up with a well-located, affordable hotel that also has accommodation available.)

Albany House
    Mick Parker

Buswells Hotel
    Mille Eidson
    Olivier De Schrevel
    Tom Henderson
    Ken Thomas

Brooks Hotel
    Bob & Jackie Burton

Clayton Hotel
    Brad Borkan
    Jim & Geraldine McAdam
    Julian & Margaret Salisbury
    Bill Spindler

Clayton Hotel Leopardstown
    Karen Woods

Donnybrook Hall
    Mark McClean

Dublin Central Inn
    Gina Koellner

Green Hotel
    Drew Clarke

Latchfords Townhouse
    Hilary Shibata & Mike Hibbs

O'Donoghue's Pub
    Evelyn Baess

Trinity College dorm
    Kathy Covert

Private Apartment
    Cathy Cooper
    Wendy Driver

Stephen's Green Hibernian Club
    Art Gertel & Suzann Johnson
    Joe O'Farrell
    Rob Stephenson

Staying at Home or with Friends or Family
    Kevin Kenny
    Fergus O'Gorman
    Jonathan Shackleton
    Vincent Sheridan
    Frank Taaffe (probably)
    Seamus Taaffe (probably)
    Rose Waldron

Unknown at this time
    Joanna Grochowicz
    Peggy Nelson
    Michael Smith
    Marjory Spoerri
    Karen Woods