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This is a site that focuses on newspapers, keepsakes, menus, etc. produced on polar expeditions.

Expedition Periodicals: a Chronological List. by David Stam. "The following list provides the date, name of periodical, ships of the expeditions or expedition name, method of production, frequency, and reprinting information where possible." Please contact David at dhstam@maxwell.syr.edu with any new additions or corrections.

Bending Time: The Function of Periodicals in Nineteenth-Century Polar Naval Expeditions by David H. and Deirdre C. Stam. This appeared in Victorian Periodicals Review, vol 41, no 4 (Winter 2008), pp. 301-22.

Arranged chronologically from here on:

The Blizzard. Produced during Scott's Discovery expedition 1902. Only a single copy was issued and it has never appeared in facsimile.

The South Polar Times. Originally produced as single copies during the two Scott expeditions and later issued in facsimile. 1902, 1903, 1911, 2011.

The Antarctic Petrel. Produced aboard the Nimrod on the way from Britain to the Antarctic, 1907. Never published.

The Aurora Australis. The first book to be written, edited, illustrated, printed, bound and issued in the Antarctic during Shackleton's Nimrod expedition 1907-08. Several reprints issued.

The Adelie Mail & Cape Adare Times. Produced during Scott's Northern Party's stay at Cape Adare, 1911-12. Never published.

The Adelie Blizzard. Produced during Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1913. Issued in facsimile in 2010.

The Little America Times. Produced during Byrd's first expedition 1933-34. Never re-issued.

The Barrier Bull. Produced during Byrd's second expedition 1933-34. Never re-issued.

The Snowshovel. Produced during Byrd's second expedition 1933-34. Never re-issued.

The Stormy Petrel. Produced during Byrd's second expedition 1933-34. An extant copy has yet to be found