Sponsors: The Antarctic Circle and The California Contingent
Co-Sponsors: The Northern California Chapter of The Explorers Club
The Shackleton Museum, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Principles of the SouthPole-sium
Those who are hoping to particpate

SouthPole-sium PRINCIPLES

These apply more to previous and future SouthPole-siums than to the virtual SouthPole-sium4.5.

• Informal, sociable, fun and serious only up to a point.

• Focus on the Antarctic i.e. not bi-polar.

• Focus on books, book collecting, book publishing, bookselling, book writing. Secondary foci: history, maps, art, photography, music, film, artifacts, medals.

• Non-focus: contemporary science (not that there's anything wrong with contemporary science).

• Short talks; no "read" talks.

• Affordable.

• No money is made and hopefully none lost.

• Everyone pays to come; no one gets paid to come.