Sponsors: The Antarctic Circle and The California Contingent
Co-Sponsors: The Northern California Chapter of The Explorers Club
The Shackleton Museum, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Principles of the SouthPole-sium
Those who are hoping to particpate

AGENDA Noon-2pm

Welcome & Introduction. Rick Dehmel

Presentation Overview of SouthPole-sium. v. 1 thru v.4. Rob Stephenson

Audience Poll

Presentation Pre-SouthPole-sium 4.5 on-line survey results. Seamus Taaffe

Small Group Socializing I. All participants. 20 minutes.

Presentation Antarctic Bibliographies. Michael Rosove

Small Group Socializing II. All participants. 20 minutes.

Presentation SouthPole-sium v.5 (San Francisco) Topics/Events. David Hirzel

Wrap-up. Joan Boothe

Time Hours vs. San Francisco Local Time Local Day
Oslo      +9   9-11pm  Saturday
London/Dublin      +8   8-10pm  Saturday
East Coast US      +3   3-5pm  Saturday
San Francisco        0   12-2pm  Saturday
Auckland      +19   7-9am  Sunday
Melbourne      +17   5-7am  Sunday