Some odds 'n ends in New York City--American Museum of Natural History.

Episode: 44. Site Number: 079. Date Posted: 4 May 1997. Update 13 March 2000. Location: Central Park West, New York, NY, USA. Type: Museum.

A couple of months ago I re-visited New York's American Museum of Natural History, unwisely picking a school holiday to do so and consequently being surrounded by over-eager children. I knew there were penguins in the Museum and a display associated with Lincoln Ellsworth. I found the penguins on the second floor in the "Birds of the World" section: a diorama depicting a South Georgia scene with a full complement of King Penguins, skuas and petrals. Bust of Ellsworth
      Down on the first floor, close to the West 77th Street entrance and the main Museum Shop is a small alcove devoted to Lincoln Ellsworth's arctic and antarctic endeavors. Could its existence perhaps have a connection to the fact that Ellsworth was a trustee of the Museum?
      Among the items on display (not exclusively Antarctic related): A bronze bust of Ellsworth by Sally Clark (the same as at the Explorers Club, see Episode 43); a radio and hand generator, two chronometers, binoculars, an ice axe, and two snow shoes; an exhaust pipe fragment and a thermometer from the Polar Star; a model of the Wyatt Earp; two sledges and skis from Snow Hill left by Nordenskjöld in 1903; a medal awarded to Ellsworth by Congress: "for claiming in Antarctica on behalf of the United States the last uncharted territory in the world;" 10 or 12 additional medals awarded to Ellsworth; a "Polar Legion" scroll (1926) signed by Amundsen, Byrd and Ellsworth; a chronometer Amundsen carried through the Northwest Passage and to the South Pole; Ellsworth's log of his Trans-Antarctic flight; and my personal favorite, an Amundsen's Mug enameled mug and spoon from the Fram, used by Amundsen on his dash to the South Pole and later by Ellsworth on the Norge.