Another Ohio Site--Lincoln Ellsworth's grave.

Episode: 69. Site Number: 106. Date Posted: 11 November 1998. Location: Hudson, Ohio, USA. Type: Grave.

Ellsworth Family Monument Lincoln Ellsworth made important contributions to aviation in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Along with Amundsen and Nobile he flew over the North Pole in 1926 and with Hubert Wilkins made four Antarctic expeditions between 1933 and 1939. In 1935 in the Polar Star, he and Herbert Hollick-Kenyon were the first to fly across the continent, a feat not repeated until 1956.
      Ellsworth is buried in Hudson, Ohio, now an outer suburb to Cleveland. His Inscription on Monument boyhood was spent here and he attended Western Reserve Academy, a prep school with a lovely campus on the edge of town. On route 91 a few hundred yards away is the Markillie-St Mary's Cemetery where, in the far back section, are a number of Ellsworth family graves and markers. The most obvious is a large highly polished black granite, flat-topped, rectangular monument with a bronze garland encircling the center vertical element. The design seems to exude a vaguely Napoleonic feel.

The carved inscriptions read:

On the base, south side: ELLSWORTH

On the center vertical element: Eva Frances Butler | Beloved Wife of | James W. Ellsworth | Born July 16th 1852 | Died November 3rd 1888

On the right (east) side of the south face: Julia Muirhead Clarke Ellsworth | Born May 26th 1847 | Died November 3rd 1921 | Mary Louise Ellsworth | Wife of | Lincoln Ellsworth

On the left (west) side of the south face: James William Ellsworth | Born October 13th 1849 | Died June 2nd 1925 | Lincoln Ellsworth | Born May 12th 1880 | Died May 26th 1951

[There are no inscriptions or designs on the east, north or west sides of the monument.]

Footstone A few feet to the north are five small markers, each with a carved inscription as follows (reading from west to east):
1. Mary Louise Ellsworth | Wife of Lincoln Ellsworth
2. Lincoln Ellsworth | To Strive, To Seek | To Find and Not To Yield
3. Eva Frances Butler | In My Father's House | Are Many Mansions
4. James William | Ellsworth | His Life Was Like a Star | And Dwelt Apart
5. Julia Muirhead Clarke | Of Such Is The | Kingdom of Heaven

Antarcticans will recognize the quote from Tennyson's Ulysses on Lincoln's marker; it often appears in connection with Scott and is carved on the cross on Observation Hill above the Discovery hut.