A pub--and more--in Anascaul, Kerry, Eire.

Episode: 38. Site Numbers: 099 & 100. Date Posted: 22 February 1997. Location: Anascaul, Kerry, Eire. Type: Building.

Tom Crean R.N. was among those few who accompanied Scott on both the Discovery and Terra Nova expeditions. He, Lashly and 'Teddy' Evans made up the supporting party on the Last Expedition, leaving Scott and his four companions to continue south; they barely made it back to Hut Point. Later, Crean was second officer under Shackleton on the Endurance and was among those on the 'marvelous voyage' in the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia. He was a Kerry man and died on July 27, 1938.
      In Anascaul, County Kerry (between Tralee and Dingle) is The South Pole Inn, Tom's pub. He was born nearby in 1877. In Tralee are two semi-detached houses owned by Tom's daughters; one is named Terra Nova, the other Discovery.
      Apparently one can still have a pint at the pub according to the website for THE IRISH ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE 1997 http://www.meridianlink.co.uk/aris/bio.html#crean. . . . which also reports that his daughters "are still alive and fiercely proud of their father's exploits."
      My thanks to Bob Headland at SPRI for leading me to this bit of Antarctic history.