Some Antarctic sites in Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Episode: 14. Site Numbers: 026, 027, 056 & 175. Date Posted: 7 July 1996. Update 11 March 2000. Location: Lyttelton, New Zealand. Type: Various.

Lyttelton Museum The Museum in Lyttelton, the picturesque port town of Christchurch, NZ, is one of those unpretentious local museums featuring eclectic collections that are always fun to view. A major component is Antarcticana, which is understandable as Lyttelton has lots of south polar associations. On the upper floor of the Museum (Gladstone Quay) is a variety of Antarctic memorabilia, artifacts and interesting odds and ends: A stuffed Emperor Penguin, a model of the Discovery, memorial tablets and scrolls, expedition packing cases and crockery, Wm. McDonald's (Terra Nova) polar medals, a sledge from Shackleton's Nimrod expedition, geological samples, and much more. (026)

Plaque A few steps away, near the ferry jetties, is a plaque (056), inexplicably mounted on a pedestrian bridge column, that reads: "During a decade of Antarctic Exploration the following ships, each less than 486 reg. tons, used Lyttelton as the Main Port of Departure:

Discovery Cdr. R. F. Scott, R.N. 21 Dec 1901
Morning Capt. W. Colbeck, R.N.R. 6 Dec 1902
Nimrod E. H. Shackleton 1 Jan 1908
Terra Nova Capt. R. F. Scott, R.N. 26 Nov 1910."
A bit further on is the Graving Dock (Godley Quay), a dry dock still in use and in which many Antarctic vessels were inspected and repaired (including mine). (175)

Quail Island lies near the head of Lyttelton Harbor. It was used as a quarantine station and here the dogs and ponies used by Scott and Shackleton were kept prior to going south. The dog kennels built by Scott are apparently still extant and can be visited. (027)