A Scott sledge that came in handy in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Episode: 6. Site Number: 069. Date Posted: 4 May 1996. Location: Dunedin, New Zealand. Type: Sledge.

An interesting item appears in the Polar Times, November 1939 (page 10): "SLEDGE, MUSEUM PIECE HAULS FOOD IN BLIZZARD. Dunedin, N.Z., July 26 (AP)- A sledge that has been in a museum for twenty-six years was used today to carry food to a radio station isolated by the worst snowstorm in Dunedin's history. The rescuers got within a quarter of a mile of the station, on a hill above the city, and were met by the station staff. Capt. Robert Falcon Scott originally used the sledge on an expedition to the South Pole."
      I wonder whether that sledge is back in the museum in Dunedin. Do any of you know? Have any of you seen it?
      I also wonder whether any curator or museum director would allow such a thing to happen in this day and age. Think of the paperwork! The committees! The policy considerations! It would be spring by the time the sledge could be released--if at all.
      I have a few more historic sledges in my data base; I'll leave those to other episodes.