Launched: 11 November 2023. Last updated: 11 November 2023.

The website was launched on October 2, 1996. In recent months it's been somewhat inactive as much of my time has been spent on several non-Antarctic projects with deadlines.

I'm now 82 years of age and there are a number of things that I want to wrap-up before I 'shuffle off this mortal coil.'

Some of these are Antarctic related. Others relate to local Jaffrey history, estate planning, scanning of papers, et al.

Consequently I'm going to stop updating much of the material on the website, especially Events, Auctions, and other date-related sections.

I will continue, as time allows, to add to such sectons as Antarctic Firsts, Antarctic Calendar, the Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer, and similar. And when something interesting comes along, add it to the content.

What will happen to the website? It will continue as long as I can keep it active. I've spoken to both The Ohio State University and Dartmouth College about hosting the website as a static, inactive resource. Nothing yet has been settled. But the website has been archived many times (337 times from October 13, 1999 to the present) on the Wayback Machine at Presumably it will be available this way indefinitely but who knows?