Sponsors: The Antarctic Circle and The Fram Museum


Entry 1

Yes, another ice mess, Mr. Hardy.
Entry 2

Penguin, Penguin! wherefore art thou Penguin?
Entry 3

Beg leave inform you proceeding Antarctic.
(apologies Amundsen)
Entry 4

skin side outside fur side inside
(apologies Ponting)
Entry 5

fur side outside skin side inside
(apologies Ponting)
Entry 6

What??? Huntley and Palmers all gone???
Entry 7

Someone please change the pianola roll!
Entry 8

Who's been sleeping in MY bag?
Entry 9

The sun won't return till WHEN??
Entry 10

Damn! There's no mobile coverage here!
Entry 11

When will the ATM be fitted?
Entry 12

Which dogs are entering for Crufts?
Entry 13

Look! A Snowman riding a motorbike.
Entry 14

Six word memoirs, not my thing.
Entry 15

There might be more of these.