Sponsors: The Antarctic Circle and The Fram Museum


Entry 1

There was a Norwegian named Roald
Who simply just wouldn't be told
He changed his ship's logs
And summoned his dogs
To challenge Scott South in the cold
Entry 2

There was an explorer named Scott
Who found himself in a tight spot
It didn't end well
And though tragedy befell
He is more of a Hero than not
Entry 3

Kathleen was Scott's talented wife
Who was a dab hand with a knife
She could transform wet clay
Twist it that and this way
And give it a statuesque life
Entry 4

Now a Rockhopper penguin called Kief
Became a notorious thief
His feathery chest
Hid the Stones from the nest
Of his neighbour to cause untold grief.
Entry 5

Three men set off in pitch dark
'On an egg hunt' was their remark
Their toes nearly froze
And they looked like scarecrows
It wasn't a walk in the park.
Entry 6

Charcot worried he'd committed a faux pas
When he left the flap to his tent ajar.
He thought it might seem off-piste.
But fear not, Jean-Baptiste!
Amour dans la glace - porquoi-pas?