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A haiku in English is a very short poem in the English language, following to a greater or lesser extent the form and style of the Japanese haiku. A typical haiku is a three-line quirky observation about a fleeting moment involving nature. Source: Wikipedia

Entry 1

What drives men to strive?
To race South against all odds
One to win…or lose
Entry 2

Waiting by the tent
Far South in a hostile place
Waiting for you Scott
Entry 3

I'm going outside
Into the cold white silence
I will sleep forever
Entry 4

Pad pad pad pad pad
Crystals flying in the snow
Hot breath fights the wind
Entry 5

Great joy and huge ice
await here a cold short time
wish your safe return
Entry 6

Fram - Terra Nova
ships that pass through sea and ice
success and sadness
Entry 7

Not ever a race
two teams hardest adventure.
Heroes at the pole
Entry 8

Icy silence pierced
by cinematographic
ratchet's ticking whine.
Entry 9

Finest host Frank at
The Shackleton Autumn School
Sadly departed.
Entry 10

Gentle snow falling
Born of a raging blizzard
To cover lost dreams
Entry 11

Shimmering icebergs
Gliding through a silent sea
To infinity
Entry 12

Sparkling ice crystals
Glitter in the frozen air
Blinding everything
Entry 13

Nostrils quivering
Frozen breath like puffs of smoke
The ponies plod south
Entry 14

The Boss lies buried
On Grytviken's windswept shore
Restless soul at peace
Entry 15

Ice blasted white-out
Canvas ripped in screaming wind
Huskies curled asleep
Entry 16

Sharp eyes spot dark smudge
Amidst white desolation
Hearts sink in dismay