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March 2020



Antarctic-themed novels have been appearing at an increased pace in recent years, aided by the growth of Internet-based self-publishing print houses and E-publishing.  There is quickly growing market acceptance of affordable hand-held electronic readers (such as Kindle and iPad), provided by distributors with ever-increasing catalogues (Amazon and Apple).  Many of these electronic books may never see the light of day in traditional hard copy, forcing adaptation to this new medium by interested readers.  One noticeable aspect of the self-published books is the amount of grammatical and spelling errors, which speaks highly of the need for a good editor and at least a spell-checker, whatever the publication medium.     


The entries in the Antarctic Fiction Bibliography are first listed by year published and then alphabetically within that year, with a general story description.  One of the difficulties of classifying a book as Antarctic fiction is the definition of the degree to which it should be about Antarctica or the extent that the plot occurs in Antarctica.  This list will include those books where at least a chapter or two is about Antarctica but does not attempt any Antarctic content rating scale.


The following people have kindly helped in providing commentary and listings.  Their own personal or professional Web sites, with related and additional fiction listing information, are shown below:

Elizabeth Leane:

Laura Kay:

Jeff Rubin

Deirdre and David Stam

Tim Whitcombe


Elizabeth Leane is a senior lecturer in English literature at the University of Tasmania and has recently published an interesting overview: Antarctica in Fiction – Imaginative Narratives of the Far South. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012.  The book is a deep, conceptual overview of Antarctica in fiction through the ages.  While it has a heavy analysis of early novels with science fiction and Gothic themes, it continues through the Heroic era and delves into modern aspects of Antarctic fiction, covering psychological themes of self actualization and female-centred stories.






Basher, Alipikre. Crimson Ice. Kindle Edition, 2019.

A post-cold war thriller in which ex-KGB members and other international terrorists bury atomic bombs in Antarctica. A former American CIA officer and his Russian wife lead a strike force to Antarctica to counter the terrorists and save the globe from destruction.


Bondoni, Gustavo. Ice Station Death. Hobart (Tasmania): Severed Press, 2019.

A team of scientists, overseen by an Argentinean military officer, leave by ship to replace the team at an Argentinean scientific base on the Antarctic coast.  The existing team is nowhere to be found at the base and the newbies run into vicious prehistoric ice reptiles. 


Brown, Eric S. Rise of the Yetis. Severed Press, Kindle Edition, 2019.

In the near-future in a post Antarctic Treaty world, an Antarctic oil refinery base is attacked by mobs of Yeti.  The few custodians of the base fight for their lives to avoid being prey to the bloodthirsty creatures.


Clewer, Sarah A. A Spell for an Eye. Australia: Aurora House, 2019.

An imaginative tale of three young women who are separately hit by meteors and develop secret, mysterious powers as young girls.  They further develop these powers as they grow up, first in Antarctica and later at university in England.  As they return to Antarctica, they battle old cosmic foes and are finally called to distant planets as monarchs, to live out their lives.


Dorman, Robbie. Underneath., 2019.

Scientists are drilling deep in the ice at a remote Antarctic field camp in search of the source of unknown cosmic rays and particles.  As they reach their target depth, staff begin to hallucinate, resulting in deaths and a struggle for survival.


Jackson, Joel Valentine. The Antarctic Assignment., 2019.

In a nonsensical sci-fi horror tale, a small group of scientists separately agree to go on an unknown Antarctic mission.  One of them, along with his family, is assaulted by unknown ghosts just prior to his departure. Once in Antarctica, the whole group learns the mission has been a hoax and they are in peril.


James, Matt. Sub-Zero. Hobart (Tasmania): Severed Press, 2019.

Off the coast of Antarctica, a scientific research team inadvertently brings aboard an octopus, inhabited by an alien species that takes over the ship and its crew, intent on world domination.


Meyer, Jax. Rising from Ash (Forged by Fire Book One). Kindle Edition, 2019.

Two lesbians, an astrophysicist and a cook, wintering over at the South Pole base meet, begin to explore their very different personalities and backgrounds, and a tender love affair ensues.


Scott, Dr. Peter T. The Ice Ship. Felix Publishing, 2019.

An 1840s-era American whaling ship travels to the Antarctic Peninsula on its maiden voyage and is trapped in the ice.  The young captain and his crew are separated for a while but manage to reunite and escape their entrapment.


Shea, Hunter. Antarctic Ice Beasts. Hobart (Tasmania): Severed Press, 2019.

A group of scientists overwintering at a small American South Pole research station endure an earthquake that opens the gates to the creatures from Hell.


Slade, Arthur. Amber Fang – Betrayal.  Victoria (British Columbia): Orca Book Publishers, 2019.

In a continuing series of books, a young female vampire librarian locates a secret base in Antarctica where her kidnapped mother may be held captive.  After fighting off an attack from robots and other hi-tech opponents, she discovers an evil lost sister, is rescued by a former associate and continues her search in the U.K. and Canada.


Wier, George.  NeptuneÕs Forge. Austin (Texas): Flagstone Books, 2019.

Expeditioners, in the late 1800Õs, are apparently on their way to the South Pole when their leader advises them that their true goal is a search for treasure,  They find a lost Antarctic city and the expedition begins to unravel.


Worchester, James. The Journal at the South Pole. Kindle Edition, 2019.

In this short story, two of the staff wintering over at an Antarctic base investigate unusual activity and loss of communication at a nearby Russian base.  They discover mayhem and return to their own base, bringing back whatever infected the Russian base.




Armentrout. James. Awakened. CreateSpace, 2018.

A navigator in the southern Ocean notices discrepancies in her Antarctic charts.  Concurrently, a NASA space engineer and a reporter looking into flat earth theories stumble upon a conspiracy so large that it will change humanityÕs view of the earth forever.  They finally find their proof in Antarctica

Hoss, Adam. One Hundred Below. Texas: Black Rose Writing, 2018.

After a murder of a scientist at Sputnik Station, the international South Pole base, an administrator becomes the suspect and must find the villain in this wacky tale of crazed characters and old Nazi tunnels under the base.


Lanning, K. E. The Sting of the Amazon, 2018.

In a future Antarctica, global warming has opened up tracts of land and the UN is promoting homesteading, leading to sleazy competition for the spoils.  Two conscientious stakeholders are caught up in the mess and fall in love, while trying to prevent corrupt politicians from prevailing.    


Rh—n. Of Snow., 2018.

A teenager has lived her whole life at an abandoned Antarctic research base with her scientist mother. Upon her motherÕs accidental death, she is found and is relocated to California to live with her newly discovered father and his family.  She has to adapt to unfamiliar western culture and discovers she has been biologically re-engineered by her mother.


Ross, Hannah. The Ice Fortress (Frozen World Book 2). Amazon, 2018.

In the sequel to the first book, (The Last Outpost), researchers at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station co-habit with a race of ancients who live in a secluded, warm oasis.  The lives of both groups are interrupted by the arrival of a group of pterodactyls that threaten their existence.


Ross, Hannah. The Last Outpost – An Antarctic Dystopia (Frozen World Book 1). Amazon, 2018.

A scientist goes to winter over at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station as station leader.  Soon after settling in, he is made aware, by the previous leader, of a secret settlement in a warm oasis by an unknown race of humans.  Just as a world war is breaking out, isolating McMurdo Station, the scientist falls in love with the female leader of the indigenous people and becomes one of them.  


Russo, Mark. AntarcticaÕs Ghosts. Amazon, 2018.

A group of U.S. marines goes to a secret Antarctic base for a dodgy weapons testing mission but run into unknown droids far beyond their own technology.  Watching all this unfold are original Atlantean Antarctic residents.


Savage, Michel. Islands in the Sky. Springfield (Oregon): Grey Forest, 2018.

A small private research expedition in Antarctica explores a deep glacier and uncovers a massive ancient city in ruins.  With the help of the still functioning advanced technology they are able to explore throughout and discover some of its secrets.  The ancient polar shift that destroyed that civilization is about to return and the expedition may be powerless to prevent their present world being destroyed.


Terry, Mark. Crystal Storm. Orox Books, 2018.

A former U.S. Military operative and doctor is sent to a secret military base near AntarcticaÕs Mt. Erebus to look into horrifying biological mutations in the science lab.


Thornley, Jenni. Let Loose. Amazon, 2018.

Researchers at a base on an island in the Weddell Sea are studying the effects of climate change.  They identify an ancient microbe from a melting glacier that may be destroying krill and affecting other wildlife.  Before too long, the organism will impact much of life on earth.


Tumlinson, Kevin. The Antarctic Forgery. Happy. Amazon, 2018.

A U.S government agent chases clues from an old map to locate a secret Nazi submarine base in Antarctica.  A criminal smuggling organization is also following him to secure the site for their own purposes.


Vinet, Mark. The Frozen Raptor. Montreal: Wadem Publishing, 2018.

An American investigator goes to the Antarctic Peninsula to look into the death of a geologist and becomes involved in a trail of illegal mining and dinosaur fossil research,




Brown, Eric S. Antarctica - a Kaiju Thriller. Severed Press. Kindle Edition, 2017.

Scientists and the military investigate the discovery of a giant creature frozen in the ice of Antarctica.  Their exploration of its innards releases countless smaller but deadly reptiles that proceed to eviscerate the base personnel. 


Brown, Eric S. Attack of the Yetis. Severed Press. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A special U.S. military team is sent to Antarctica to investigate a mysterious source of radiation, which turns out to be hundr4eds of alien Yetis that will destroy anything and anybody they encounter.


Brown, Eric S. and Sharps, N. X. From the Ice They Came. Hobart (Tasmania): Severed Press, 2017.

A telekinetic American military office is sent to a private base near AntarcticaÕs Vostok Station to examine a puzzling relic that has resisted all attempts at analysis. Along with three other people with special abilities, inadvertently they end up unleashing horrible other-dimensional beasts.  


Cabeen, Robert Payne.  Cold Cuts. Los Angeles: Omnium Gatherum, 2017.

In this Antarctic farce, two hipster environmental scientists at a private research base encounter irradiated mutant penguins, hostile commandos and their own stages of madness.


Chapman, Philip Kenyon. Strike on the Ice: An Antarctic Adventure. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A scientist finds a few gold nuggets at the bottom of a shallow Antarctic lake.  With the help of some wealthy and sympathetic friends she is able to launch an illegal private expedition to investigate further.  On the way, their supply ship is commandeered by white South African radicals for their own political and financial purposes, which puts the gold seekers in grave danger.


Chaucer, Jack.  Nikki White: Polar Extremes., 2017.

In the third book of a series, the heroine, Nikki, finds herself kidnapped by a large corrupt corporation, intent on sending her on a flight to Mars.  Most of her training and mental preparation for this flight occurs during a winter-over season at the South Pole Station.


Field, Marshal. The Thing under the Ice. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A short story in which an expert is sent to Antarctica as part of a small team to drill down to an anomaly that has been located deep in the ice, which turns out to be a downed spaceship and a friendly alien.  The two must combine forces to battle the rest of the recovery team, which was really a secret front to steal the missionÕs small nuclear reactor. 


Fittro, Robert. Refrigerator Heaven. Pushbutton Studios. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A lewd, ridiculous short-story farce about the making of a rock music movie based on H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 seminal Antarctic horror novella, At the Mountains of Madness, being filmed in a freezer.


Gansky, Alton. End Game (Harbingers Book 20). Amaris Media International. Kindle Edition, 2017.

The final book in an adventure series, featuring a group of specially gifted expeditioners, has them trapped in a tunnel system deep in Antarctic ice.  They encounter a discarded flying saucer from the Nazi era in Antarctica, zombie Nazis, ice eels and angels of death.


Hammott, Ben. Ice Rift – Salvage., 2017.

A sequel to HammottÕs Ice Rift (2016).  Competing American and Russian forces enter an alien spaceship, found in an ice rift in AntarcticaÕs Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf to salvage the remains of advanced alien technology.  They must deal with a bloodthirsty menagerie of creatures still alive in the massive vessel.  


Harmon, Elizabeth. Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella., 2017.

A novella about a female American architect who begins a solo overwinter at a hi-tech new private resort she designed, near McMurdo Station, and comes to grips with her feelings for the Russian leader of a small neighbouring American base.


Hunt, Angela. Into the Blue (Harbingers Book 19). Amaris Media International. Kindle Edition, 2017.

The next to final book in an adventure series, featuring a group of specially gifted expeditioners, has them drilling deep into Antarctic ice to locate the hideout of a villain.  They encounter a lair from the Nazi era in Antarctica and an alien angel of death.


Iden, Matthew. The Winter Over. U.S.A.: Thomas & Mercer (, 2017.

Researchers wintering over at the South Pole Station must deal with a death and other strange happenings.  This leads to the possibility that they may all be subjects of a psychological study that turns very deadly.


LaVoie, Larry. Sub Zero: A Scott Tanner Novel (Scott Tanner Series Book 2). Kindle Edition, 2017.

A former American Navy SEAL and his inventor associate are in Antarctica testing their new-concept under-ice exploration vehicle.  They quickly change their plans to rescue two American scientists, two CIA agents and other victims of a plane crash who may have been taken captive at RussiaÕs Vostok Station, which has turned into a military camp for the mining of cobalt.


McAuley, Paul. Austral. London: Gollancz (Orion Publishing), 2017.

On a futuristic Antarctic Peninsula that has been changed by climate warming and settlement, a genetically altered corrections officer thwarts a kidnapping of a young girl she is related to, and becomes her kidnapper from the villains.  Their escape and survival ensue.


McBride, Michael. Subhuman – A Unit 51 Novel. New York: Pinnacle Books (Kensington Publishing), 2017.

A group of elite scientists with various specialties is assembled at a secret base in Antarctica to examine possible alien remains and an underground pyramid.  Their work sets off the revival of an alien species that begins to prey on them with dire results.   


McPherson, Scott. Crisis on the Ice. Esengo Publishing, 2017.

A glaciologist and his small team of scientists are working on ice cores in an Antarctic field camp off McMurdo Station.  They are caught up in armed hostilities between an unknown rogue Chinese outpost, which is testing new laser technology for mining, and mercenaries out to steal the technology.


Meikle, William. Operation Antarctica. Hobart: Severed Press, 2017.

A British military squad is sent to Antarctica to investigate a WWII-era Nazi base.  They find zombie Nazis and a flying saucer but all is not as it seems.


Navikov, Hugo. Anomaly - Some Secrets Should Stay Buried. Hobart: Severed Press, 2017.

A group of elite scientists is commandeered by the American military to examine something under the ice in Antarctica, in the middle of winter.  It turns out to be a cavernous alien ship whose occupants have monstrous plans for the humans.


Shelby, Ashley. South Pole Station. New York: Picador (Macmillan Publishing Group), 2017.

A female artist from the U.S., going to winter-over at the South Pole Station under the Antarctic Artists & Writers Program, is embroiled in a rich tale of difficult Antarctic base life, global warming denial politics and her own romance.


Stevens, Hannah.  Iceberg Murders. Verde Press,, 2017.

A female journalist is on a private scientific expedition cruise ship on the Antarctic Peninsula.  She must deal with two murders, an attraction to the ship owner/expedition director, as well as a threat to her own life.


Stone, Jonathan. Days of Nights. Seattle: Thomas & Mercer, 2017.

A retired detective is sent to AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station to investigate an apparent murder.  As he begins his investigation and overwinters at the base, another murder occurs and communications with the world outside fail.  The base inhabitants become edgy and believe they now may be the last remaining people alive on earth.  Or is there something else at play? 


Swift, Lee & McLemore, Lana. Antarctica Infiltration. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A short science fiction story in which a reclusive captain is convinced to take his wooden sailing ship to Antarctica to penetrate and investigate a part of Antarctica being occupied by aliens and kept out of bounds electronically.


Tinto, Kevin. Ice. Tiburon (California): Three Dog Publishing. Kindle Edition, 2017.

Researchers and climbers exploring a Native American cliff dwelling in the Southwest discover small rocks that could only come from an isolated Antarctic mountain formation.  Their journey to Antarctica, to discover the connection, leads them to an ancient abandoned alien facility under ice and cryogenically frozen abductees, a discovery that the American government wants to cover up at all costs.


Uhl, Xina Marie. Whiter Pastures - An Icebound Tale. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A short story in an ongoing series.  At an Antarctic base/outpost at Hope Bay, in the early 1900s, the administrative assistant to the base commander sets her sights on winning his romantic affections.


Uhl, Xina Marie. All Mouth and No Trousers - An Icebound Tale. Kindle Edition, 2017.

A short story in an ongoing series.  At an Antarctic base/outpost at Hope Bay, in the early 1900s, a servant falls for a handsome new arrival she is supposed to assassinate.


Webb, Benjamin Robert. The Wizards of WWII – Conjurer Down (The Royal Navy vs The Ice. Temporal Zoetrope, 2017.

In an alternate world of magicians and wizards in 1937, a British battleship is sunk by a U-boat off an ice shelf in Antarctica.  The few survivors, in a lifeboat, enter a strange world deep in the ice and encounter a Nazi submarine dock and aliens. The one survivor makes it back to the surface, is rescued by a female aviator and they begin a search for the mysteries hidden in the Ice.




Aimo. Zombie Antarctica. Dead in the Head Publishing. Kindle Edition, 2016.

An infection from a newly discovered marine species causes members of a small team overwintering at BritainÕs Rothera Research Station in Antarctica to turn one by one into zombies, with little hope for survival for the remaining uninfected people. 


Altom, Laura Marie. Outcast (SEAL Team: Disavowed Book 2). Fulton Court Press. Kindle Edition, 2016.

A former Navy SEAL goes to Antarctica to rescue his ex-girlfriend and her father, who have gone missing from their private scientific base.  Deadly encounters with Nazi treasure hunters ensue.


Beaufort, Simon. The Killing Ship.  Sutton (U.K.): Severn House Publishers, 2016.

At the end of a summer season on Livingston Island in the Antarctica Peninsula, an unpleasant group of scientists starts losing members and their equipment is sabotaged by an even more unpleasant group of apparent illegal whalers.  Their troubles only increase as the scientists become prey for the mercenary killers.


Carlton, Demelza. Maid for the South Pole. U.S.A.: Lost Plot Press,, 2016.

A former hotel maid and trained medic, now a recent meteorology graduate, returns to Antarctica, where she is unwittingly bunked with a doctoral student.  She had treated him for a serious injury the previous season, and took an immediate dislike to him in a mutually misunderstood encounter.  Loathing and confusions turn to love in this story of romance.


Cohn, David Pablo. HellerÕs Tale: An Antarctic Novella. CreateSpace, 2016.

A South Pole Station workerÕs tale of his unauthorized exploration of the off-limits, hazardous ice tunnels under the decommissioned old South Pole Station.


Cotter, Allan V. Seeds (A William Horner Conflict). Kindle Edition, 2016.

Two United Nations detectives are sent to an Antarctic research base to investigate the discovery of indigenous seeds in an ice cave.  Soon, all sorts of zany people are in murderous chase for possession of the seeds.


Dunn, J. Misha. Frozen Brush (an Andrew Brush Novel). Kindle Edition, 2016

An agent is sent to McMurdo Station, Antarctica to investigate several staff abductions.  Wacky conspiracies and strange characters abound.


Hammott, Ben. Ice Rift., 2016.

When scientists discover a massive ice rift in AntarcticaÕs Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf, a British expeditionary team is sent to examine an anomaly in radar scans of the rift.  They discover a huge ancient spaceship filled with a menagerie of bloodthirsty alien creatures on board, waiting to pounce.  See also HammottÕs sequel, Ice Rift – Salvage (2017)


Longo, Jennifer. Up to this Pointe. New York: Random House, 2016.

Poignant, parallel stories of a teen ballet student in San Francisco and her trip as a science assistant to AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station, to reconcile friendship problems and career ambitions.


McEwing, Donald. Ghosts from the Mountains of Madness. Kindle Edition, 2016.

Present-day scientists at Miskatonic University mount an expedition to discover a lost text and the fate of the previous 1931 University Antarctic expedition that went horribly astray, and discover their own horrors.  A modern day sequel to H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 seminal Antarctic horror novella, At the Mountains of Madness.


Parrett, Favel. When the Night Comes. New York: Washington Square Press, 2016.

A tale of two years in the life of a young Danish cook who works on the Nella Dan, an Australian supply vessel travelling between Hobart and AustraliaÕs Antarctic bases.  He has an undetermined relationship with a local Hobart woman and her two young children.


Preston, Douglas and Child, Lincoln. Beyond the Ice Limit. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2016.

This is the sequel to Ice Limit (2000), in which an expedition ship, carrying a huge mysterious meteorite found near the southern tip of South America, is accidentally sunk off the Antarctic coast.  In the sequel, a group of survivors return to the scene to destroy what has been determined to be an alien lifeform.  However, it has grown on the ocean floor and has taken on its own purpose, which will not be beneficial to the human race.


Raymond, Midge. My Last Continent. New York: Scribner, 2016.

An empathetic story of longing and unrequited love on the Antarctic Peninsula, told through a series of flashbacks over many years.  Two single penguin researchers bond on the continent but lead separate home lives.  Their expectation of reuniting in the latest summer season as naturalists on a tourist ship seems to go unfulfilled, and the distress of another nearby, sinking tour ship brings a disastrous, shocking loss to the relationship.


Richardson, Amanda. Tracing the Stars: An Antarctic Love Story. Burbank:, 2016.

A researcher goes to the South Pole station for a season wintering over, working under a former mentor.  A very complicated and messy affair of the heart gets in the way.


Russell, Craig. Fragment. Saskatoon: Thistledown Press, 2016.

An eco-political thriller told from the point of view of various participants.  In AntarcticaÕs Ross Sea, four massive glaciers avalanche into the Ross Ice Shelf, setting off a catastrophic shock wave.  A nearby nuclear submarine manages to rescue three survivors from McMurdo station, an American scientific base that has been obliterated.  Meanwhile, the American PresidentÕs political advisor has his own devious means of dealing with the disaster, a sentient whale learns to communicate with the submarine and is able to coax his fellow whales to help guide survivors in the Caribbean through a massive migration of icebergs.  The world order will never be the same. 


Turner, Ann. Out of the Ice. Cammeray (Australia): Simon & Schuster, 2016.

A penguin scientist is tasked to inspect and report on an abandoned whaling station, near an odd, restricted research base on a remote Antarctic island.  She finds tight-lipped people, suspicious sightings of spectres and a ghostly boy calling for help.  A full scale mystery engulfs her, involving virus research and a pedophile ring.    




Bennett, Richard L. Camp One, Antarctica - A Short Story. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A very short story about a man who is chosen by the American government to work at an abandoned field camp outside McMurdo Station in Antarctica as a caretaker, for no apparent reason.  What is it that he finally saw there?  


Butler, Arnica. A Long Hard Winter - Cuckolded at the Antarctic Research Station. Thirteenth Line Publications. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A pornographic short story about the erotic experiences of a married couple overwintering at the South Pole research station.


Colosi, Alan. The Liberation of Amundsen-Scott - The Adventures of Captain Yuriko Kumage Inside the Triangle of Time., 2015.

A futuristic sci-fi story in which two elite American soldiers join with the Japanese military to stop unauthorized drilling at the South Pole Station and ultimately fight a time travelling scientist.  The mission then takes them to the North Pole and Japan.


Drexler, A. K. Murder 90 Degrees South – An Antarctic Mystery. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A science technician overwintering at the South Pole Station has to unravel a murder, an assault and other nefarious doings among a group of unpleasant base inhabitants.  The author spent a year at the South Pole.


Gill, Michael J. The Shackleton Affair – A Raymond Armstrong Novel. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A former British secret service agent is asked to investigate a robbery that links Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, British Government secrets and the recent discovery of bottles of whiskey from ShackletonÕs 1914-18 Endurance Expedition.


Gimpel, Ann. Icy Passage. Huntersville (U.S.A.): The Hartwood Publishing Group, 2015.

At the same time as mysterious deaths occur in a lab at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station, strange cell mutations are occurring at a lab on South Georgia Island.  The South Georgia researcher is sent via a rerouted ship to investigate McMurdoÕs problems, which now also include mysterious cell formations.  On board the ship is a mysterious female doctor with paranormal and magical strengths who is immediately drawn to the researcher.  They must try to understand their own attraction as well as what the cells are trying to communicate.  All the while, nuclear war has broken out between the US and Russia and the doctorÕs dead father makes surreal appearances with his own agenda of madness.


Gorman, Kate. On the Ice - A New Antarctica Novel. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Kindle Edition, 2015.

Staff at an isolated Antarctic methane extraction facility are attacked by unknown saboteurs, but there may be another group of saboteurs among the staff.  ItÕs impossible to tell who is friend or foe.


Huff, J. D., Vostok Station., 2015.

An American biologist, despondent after a breakup with his girlfriend, is sent by his university to participate in the under-ice lake drilling operation at AntarcticaÕs Russian Vostok Station.  Not only does he have to contend with deaths from lake water infections but also with rogue foreign agents with their own missions, and with love from an unexpected source.


Mitchell, Briar Lee. A Face of Stone: From the Journals of Samantha Bloodworth (Walking on Mars Serial Ten). Permuted Press. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A short story in which a writer is with a group of scientists in an Antarctic mountain range, who are using 3D imaging to study the ice.  One of the images they find appears to be a man-made face in the mountainside.  The photo is publicized and undesirables arrive at the site to search for alien traces.


Mitchell, Briar Lee. Pink Ice: From the Journals of Samantha Bloodworth (Walking on Mars Serial Six). Permuted Press. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A short story in which a writer is on board the yacht of a famous outdoor installation artist for an interview and demonstration of icebergs to be painted in pink, off the coast of Antarctica.  The art installation project turns sinister and deadly in a way that could never have been anticipated.  


Oberon, Max. Tilt - A Climate Change Thriller. Australian eBook Publisher, 2015.

A tightly written eco-thriller about the conspiracy between a rogue American oil company executive and the Chinese government to drill for petroleum reserves found in Antarctica.  Although the action does not take place in Antarctica, the story incorporates the tragic Mount Erebus tourist airplane air crash in 1979 and the ban on Antarctic mining.


Price, Robert M. (editor). Beyond the Mountains of Madness, Fukuoka (Japan): Celaeno Press, 2015.

A collection of short stories of horror and the bizarre from various authors, set in Antarctica, that take their genesis from the ideas of  H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 seminal Antarctic novella, At the Mountains of Madness.


Webb, Larry. Damey & The Z-Team. Amazon Digital Services, Inc, 2015.

A family-oriented tale in which a skilled underwater robotics engineer is asked to go to Antarctica on an icebreaker to investigate signs of oil leakage under an ice shelf.  The contact he has with his family is lost when the ship loses all power and he is accidentally locked in his quarters.  At home, his engineer wife must reboot the ships computers to help the search to identify the source of the leaking oil.


Woodhead, Patrick. Beneath the Ice. London: Arrow Books (Random House), Kindle Edition, 2015.

A geo-political thriller in which a mountain climber is unwittingly hired by a rogue operator in the British Government to help a science team to take water samples from an under-ice lake near a Russian base in Antarctica.  This leads to a major ecological disaster in the Antarctic Ocean, with the goal for industrialists to undo the long-established Antarctic Treaty and to claim mineral rights.




Bowen, Carl. Phantom Sun - Shadow Squadron. North Mankato (U.S.A.): Stone Arch Books, 2014.

In this illustrated novella for younger readers, a satellite is shot down over Antarctica and an elite U.S. military force is sent to recover it.  However, a Russian force is also trying to recover the satellite and the Americans must weigh the need for recovery against the safety of nearby civilian scientists.


Chapman, Scott. The KaiserÕs Navigator., 2014.

A novella with intertwining stories about the navigator of a pre-WWI German Antarctic expedition that finds the remains of an Argentinean shipwreck in Antarctica, and the modern era, involving British-Argentinean politics in the South Atlantic Ocean.  A British expedition goes to Antarctica to search for traces of the lost Argentinean Antarctic expedition, with the help of notes from recently discovered long-lost journals written by the German expeditionÕs navigator.  


Chatelain, Matt. The Vostok Juncture. Smashwords Edition. Kindle Edition, 2014.

At a base at Lake Vostok in Antarctica, personnel are engaged in launching a submarine into the under-ice lake to search for gold.  The scene becomes a shoot-out as unknown killers arrive to put the base out of commission.


Child, Preston. Ice Station Wolfenstein. Schortens (Germany): Heiken Marketing, 2014.

A mixed group from Britain, consisting of a journalist, researchers and adventurers, undertakes a voyage to Antarctica to search for a World War II Nazi-era forgotten and hidden Antarctic base.  They find it and must contend with a deadly virus and unsuspected enemies.  


Cole, Michael. Pandora. Cedarburg (U.S.A.): Foremost Press, 2014.

A major anomaly is discovered far under the ice in Antarctica.  An American and Russian submarine compete in a deadly race to core into the ice to determine its nature.  Two American scientists are able to engage the alien presence and find that their notion of time has been changed forever.


Connell, Graeme. Finding Dermott. Victoria (Canada): FriesenPress, 2014.

A Canadian journalist is assigned to write a story about a long-lost Antarctic worker from New Zealand who was forced to winter over a season in AntarcticaÕs Dry Valleys in the 1960s.  At the time of his return, he told stories of being helped by ancient Pangaeans, which were ridiculed and drove the worker to assume a new identity.  The journalist must track him down in New Zealand after 45 years.


Cussler, Clive and Brown, Graham. Zero Hour. New York: The Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin Group), 2014.

Series hero Kurt Austin and the NUMA team join with deadly Russian mercenaries to stop a madman from launching his zero-point energy machine that will  destroy the earthÕs tectonic plates, starting in Australia.  The action takes them to subantarctic Heard Island in the Southern Ocean, where the subterranean doomsday machine has been installed and primed.


Faust, Christa. Hunt: Beyond the Frozen Fire. London: Titan Books, 2014.

Adventurer Gabriel Hunt is employed by the daughter of a missing Jewish scientist to find her father, who disappeared in Antarctica near the South Pole.  In Antarctica, Hunt and his small search team, including the daughter, disappear down a crevasse and discover a tropical land beneath the ice, populated by a small band of women who are dying out due to lack of eligible men for reproduction.  Taken prisoner, the team finds an old Nazi-era airplane and a super machine which the Nazis had targeted to destroy Washington.  Upon learning of her fatherÕs death at the hands of the tribe, the lost scientistÕs now-crazed daughter kills the tribeÕs queen and becomes hell-bent on reversing the machine to destroy Berlin instead.


Gruben, Catherine. AdŽlie Angst – Parabaloni 5. Sola Deo Gloria. Kindle Edition, 2014.

A group of Christian superheroes are shot down over the Antarctic while searching for a researcher who has been mysteriously killed.  They stumble upon an evil genius, intent on detonating nuclear bombs on Antarctica and blowing up the earth.


Hunt, Rebecca. Everland. London: Fig Tree (Penguin Books), 2014.

Parallel stories of two groups of trios on a small Antarctic Island – one about explorers in 1913, the other about a scientific field camp in 2012.  Both run into physical and interpersonal problems with different results.


Oliver, Ed. Resurfaced. Kindle Edition, 2014.

Two scientists, wandering independently on a bleak Antarctic ice shelf and a frigid terrain, meet by chance and entwine their lives to search together for a mysterious seed vault.  If it exists, it could provide the future for life in an Antarctica that is rapidly melting and an Earth that is dying.  


Rollins, James.  The 6th Extinction: a Sigma Force novel. New York: William Morrow (HarperCollins), 2014.

After a deadly accident at a secret military biological research station in California, special commando teams are sent to seek the perpetrator and the cause of the contagion.  Their investigations take them to a scientific base in Antarctica, where one of the teams is ambushed and ultimately encounters a subterranean prehistoric world.  They also have to battle mercenaries who are trying to kill them and prevent them from saving the world from infection.  


Ryan, J. C. Ninth Cycle Antarctica., 2014.

A private research organization mounts an expedition to Antarctica to search for a prehistoric civilization, based on their knowledge of the ancient Piri Reis map, which was claimed to show an ancient Antarctic coastline.  They discover a tropical oasis under the ice and must contend with deadly rivals from an old and secret society.




Ashman, K. M. The Mummies of the Reich. Kindle Edition, 2013.

A former SAS agent and his librarian assistant are hired by the British government to investigate a First World War-era medallion found around the neck of a South American mountain mummy.  Their travels and dangerous encounters with German villains take them to South America, Ecuador, the Falkland Islands and finally to Antarctica, where they discover a former Nazi base and U-Boat harbor that are the keys to further secrets from World War II.


Beukes, Eben. Lily White (Shadows of a Rainbow). Kindle Edition, 2013.

When the wife of a former South African security agent, who is now a private arms dealer, is kidnapped by a rich businessman seeking secrets of the former South African government, the dealer is forced by British agents to undertake to steal the same secrets.  The secret information has been stored in a box, buried below an abandoned South African scientific base in Antarctica, near its current new base.  The arms dealer is in disguise as a replacement scientist on the supply ship for the base and the voyage there and the extraction of the box are deadly, with unknown killers hunting for the same box.  An overly long story about dirty geopolitics and espionage.


Brumm Jr., Robert. Desolate – The Complete Trilogy. DeadPixel Publications. Kindle Edition, 2013.

In the first book, inmates at a prison camp at Deception Island in Antarctica discover a buried alien spaceship.  Only one prisoner mysteriously survives the infection from a revived alien monster and is rescued by helicopter and taken to Argentina.  In the following two books, the infection has taken over the world, the prisonerÕs medical rescue airplane crashes in Jamaica and the few remaining survivors try to re-establish life on earth.


Antarctica. Connors, Red. Kindle Edition, 2015.

A short story in which an isolated, solitary researcher at an Antarctic station slowly goes mad.


Despreaux, Philippe. Target Antarctica. Kindle Edition, 2013. (Copyright 2004).

Unfortunate eco-activists cross paths with unscrupulous mercenaries and government agents who are working with the North Koreans for access to AntarcticaÕs oil reserves.  For a book with Antarctica on the cover, it is disappointing that there are no adventures on the continent itself and little substance to the Antarctic content.


Gordon, Alice. Deep Freeze. Kindle Edition, 2013.

A short story of black humour about a small group of ice core scientists on a research dig in Antarctica.  When one of them falls down a crevasse when a glacier splits, the others are beset by dangerous ape-like creatures from the glacier.  The only chance for rescue ironically becomes the ticket to doom.


Grumley, Michael C. Breakthrough., 2013.

At the same time as scientists learn to communicate with dolphins in Miami, a large geological shift along an ice shelf in Antarctica threatens to send a destructive tsunami up the Atlantic Ocean.  You have a sci-fi techno-thriller when you blend in some friendly aliens and their technology, a dysfunctional U.S. administration, courageous naval investigators and send in the dolphins to the rescue.


Gurley, J. E. Chill Factor: Ice Station Zombie 2. Severed Press, 2013.

In this sequel to Ice Station Zombie (2012), a group of surviving overwinterers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base fight off the zombies who were previously their fellow workers and scientists, and manage to reach the base at McMurdo Sound.  More zombie mayhem occurs and even fewer survivors eventually are able to fly back to the secret military Antarctic base where the original nanite infection began.  They hope to be rescued and to fly back to Australia with a device to cure the infections.


Lambert, Tim. Dead Penguins. Kindle Edition, 2013.

A former drilling rig has been moved to the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and is being used as a pharmaceutical research post.  One of the employees accidentally loses a drum of experimental drug powder to the ocean, resulting in dead penguins.  The cover-up and unforeseen crimes are fodder for a silly farce.


Mandragora. Geoffrey. The Eiderland Incident. Rosswyvern Press. Kindle Edition, 2013.

This is a steampunk novel, set in the late 1890s.  A British Royal Navy commander and his advanced-level submarine are ordered to search for survivors of a downed German dirigible in Antarctic waters.  While cooperating with German rescuers and other British and American operatives, they are never sure who their real friends are.


Martin, N.A. Survival at DHSUC. Kindle Edition, 2013.

In the near future, Earth is the scene of a worldwide nuclear war and a group of refugees has taken shelter in pre-built underground caves and living quarters in Antarctica, at the Doomsday Humanity Survival Underground City.  Part of a series of books.


Meyer, David. Ice Storm – A Cy Reed Adventure. Guerilla Explorer Publishing, 2013.

A far-fetched action tale of two treasure-hunting adventurers at an Antarctic field camp, looking for Nazi-era stolen loot.  Almost everyone is a suspicious character and the adventurers find far more than they bargained for. 


Moore, Alan & OÕNeill, Kevin. Nemo – Heart of Ice. Marietta (U.S.A.) & London: Top Shelf Productions & Knockabout Comics, 2013.

This is a graphic novel and is part of MooreÕs League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.  In 1925, Captain NemoÕs daughter takes her submarine crew to Antarctica after pirating goods from New York City.  They are chased across the Antarctic icescapes in colourful drawings and finally they encounter the subterranean mysteries of the mountains of madness of H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 Antarctic novella, At the Mountains of Madness.


Newman, John. Searise - The Chaos Begins. Kindle Edition, 2013.

Stories of various people and places around the world, affected by major tsunamis thought to be originating from a break in the earthÕs crust in the Indian Ocean near Antarctica.  One of the episodes is about the rescue by American military forces of staff located at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station.  To be followed by a sequel.


Oester, Dave & Sharon. Hollow Earth – A Jack Hunter Adventure. Kingman (U.S.A.): Coyote Moon Publishing, 2013.

Two Americans go to an Antarctic volcano to search for the entry to a hollow earth.  They discover a secret underground fortress inhabited by World War II Nazi clones who have adapted technology used by an advanced race of aliens who previously lived there.  The Nazis have stolen American nuclear devices, are bent on conquering the world and the American military struggles to combat the NazisÕ flying saucers.  Written by two PhDs, the book must have been proofread by aliens, with countless errors of spelling, grammar and tense.


Queeney, Tim. The Altas Fracture - A Perry Helion Thriller. Perihelion Press. Kindle Edition, 2013.

A special U.S. agent is sent to Antarctica to investigate the apparent deaths of scientists, thought to be caused by a deadly virus released in an under-ice lake drilling exploration.  Things are not what they seem to be and itÕs difficult to tell the culprits from the victims.  The world will be in danger if terrorists succeed in their attempt to fracture the Ross Ice Shelf.


Riddle, A. G. The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery - Book 1).  Modern Mythology, 2013.

A lengthy book in which a researcher seeking a cure for autism and an intelligence agent combine forces to combat a secret organization that has kept the secret about human evolution and development for several thousands of years.  The action covers a century and moves from secret Atlantean civilization bases in Gibraltar and Antarctica over time portals. 


Rosser, Si. Melt Zone. Schmall World Publishing. Kindle Edition, 2013.

British Scientists exploring a large zone of melted ice in Queen Maud Land in Antarctica discover a vast buried cavern, built with unknown technologies by WW II-era Nazis.  The scientists are mysteriously killed, as well as the special forces sent to rescue them.  The buried base is traced to a still-existing German company.  A third mission of specialist is launched to determine the nature of the still-mysterious site.


Sebastian, E. R. Dark Energy: The Fracture. Missoula (U.S.A.): Grizzly Walk Publishing Group, 2013.

At times confusing, time jumping science fiction about unhinged scientists who are guinea pigs in their own experiments, dealing with nefarious forces of dark energy.  Their scientific experiments and activities take them to an imploding Antarctica.


Smith, William Joseph. They Came From Beneath the Ice., 2013.

An overly long story about a meteorologist who is assigned to an Antarctic base for a year by his television station and brings his entire family, including four young children.  Buried meteorites found in the ice hatch into deadly alien reptiles, which run amok at the base.  The front cover has an idyllic winter scene of a lake with snow on the deciduous ŅAntarcticÓ trees.


Tabor, James M. Frozen Solid. New York: Ballantine Books, 2013.

An experienced diver-microbiologist is sent to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica to replace another diver-scientist, her friend, who has died.  She is required to continue exploration of biomass discovered in an under-ice lake near the Pole, and soon finds a video of the murder of her friend.  She sets out to identify the criminal, unaware that a biomedical conspiracy involving the biomass is underway at the Station among some of the staff.  In the meantime, security agents in the U.S. are simultaneously finding loose ends in the death and try to fit the missing pieces together to find the masterminds of the plot. 


Warr, Michael. Murder in the Antarctic., 2013.

Gold stolen in Ushuaia, Argentina is hidden on a cruise ship going to the Antarctic Peninsula and several murders ensue.  One of the passengers is an ex-policeman who attempts to find the robbers.  At the same time, he is trying to woo a woman who has dubious motives of her own and may be involved in another murder.


White, Tony. ShackletonÕs Man Goes South. London: Science Museum. Kindle Edition, 2013.

A futuristic saga, steeped in steampunk and apocalypse, combines a satire about human smuggling and trafficking to subantarctic South Georgia with commentaries about climate change and exposŽs about expeditioners from Scott and ShackletonÕs Heroic Era of Antarctic expeditions.    


Xanadu, Michael. Project Greenhouse. Kindle Edition, 2013.

The Chinese government has sent a destroyer to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet on a mission to detonate four nuclear devices in order to loosen the Ice Sheet and destabilize the worldÕs economies.  The chief scientist and shipÕs captain donÕt agree with this and try to thwart this foolhardy plan with the help of an American friend and the U.S. military.




Bentham, Dev. August Ice. Love is a Light Press. Kindle Edition, 2012.

A gay romance set in McMurdo Station.  A sober, solid French researcher helps an alcoholic ex-Navy Seal diving instructor change his ways and come out of the closet to form a relationship.


Cunningham, Bryan. Frozen Secrets., 2012.

A scuba diver discovers the remains of a Nazi U-Boat captain in an underwater cave in Barbuda.  He is able to break the secret Enigma coded papers carried by the captain, which leads him to a hidden underground base in Antarctica, built by aliens and populated by descendants of Nazis.  In the meantime, secret brotherhoods and American forces are out to stop him from finding the secrets held at the base in Antarctica.


Devine, Thomas W. Island of Regrets. Kindle Edition, 2012.

Two love-entangled New Zealanders embark on a dangerous quest to find long-lost diamonds from a heist in the early 1900s, reputedly left on subantarctic Campbell Island, in the Southern Ocean.


Diver, Deep. Antarctica: A Gay Story. Smashwords Edition. iBooks Edition, 2012.

A short story about four scientific researchers at an Antarctic field camp.  Three of them learn of their gay orientation and turn the tables on a homophobic fourth who then reveals his true orientation.


Fenton, James. The Weddell Sea. JustFiction! Edition. Kindle Edition, 2012.

During a cruise ship tour of the Antarctic Peninsula, a small group of expeditioners is forced to spend a few days on Snow Hill Island when the ship is stranded in ice and the passengers cannot return on board.  Things get worse when the ship hits an iceberg and sinks.  The passengers and crew must try to save themselves with their zodiacs and lifeboats by living on icebergs, hoping for rescue.


Grimschrund, Unter. Beyond HubbleÕs Shadows, the Daemon Darkness Lies.  The Elder Gods of the Daemon Darkness. The Gloam. Rapid-Dynamix Publishing. Kindle Edition, 2012.

Three short horror stories about the descent into madness by an astrophysicist at a Transantarctic Range space observatory.  While staring at the blackness of space and constellations through an eyepiece, the Daemon Darkness speak the dark truths of the cosmos to him and takes over his mind and body.


Gurley, J. E., Ice Station Zombie. Severed Press. 2012.

Human experiments with a nanite serum at a secret military Antarctic base have failed and have turned people into zombies.  Two surviving field researchers have to fight them off and finally manage to fly a damaged Hercules transport to Australia to seek escape from the plague, which has taken over the world.  They meet a group of other survivors and try to develop a weapon to neutralize the diseased zombies and restart civilization on earth.


Kenefick, Brian & Janice.  Deception Island. Wolf on Water Publishing, 2012.

A supply ship on its way to the Antarctic Peninsula and Deception Island gets caught up in a battle between a Neo-Nazi group on board for a secret expedition and a No-Nazi group that spares no efforts to stop them by disabling the ship.  The heroic female first officer is also on a mission to find out how her former mentor was killed in an explosion at a base that he ship will be supplying.


Lamb, Pamela. Blood on the Snow.  Kindle Edition, 2012.

A pilot for an environmental group crashes her helicopter on assignment in Antarctica, is seriously injured and her passenger scientist is killed.  Released from her job, a later chance medical examination reveals she was first shot and then beaten.  With the help of interested friends, she starts searching for the truth behind the faked accident.


Larkin, L. A. Thirst. Millers Point (NSW), Australia: Pier 9/Murdoch Books, 2012.

This is a tension and action-filled thriller about a handful of Antarctic scientists working on the Antarctic Peninsula, whose base is burned down by rogue Chinese operators.  They fight for their lives as the Chinese try to blow up a large ice shelf to transport ice back home and to create a harbour for mining.  The bombs have been set and time is clicking away as the scientists try to stop the assault that will harm the earth permanently.


Martin, N.A. Voyage of the Past. Kindle Edition, 2012.

Earth will be the scene of a worldwide nuclear war and a group of refugees is preparing to take shelter in pre-built underground caves and living quarters in Antarctica, at the Doomsday Humanity Survival Underground City.  Another group is planning to shoot off to outer space in a transporter to escape the radiation until it decreases to a lower level.  First part of a series of books.


McAuley, Paul. Antarctica Starts Here. AsimovÕs Science Fiction. Norwalk (U.S.A.): Dell Magazines/ Crosstown Publications, Vol. 36, Nos. 10 & 11, October/November 2012.

On a futuristic Antarctic Peninsula, with more inhabitants and adventure travel programs, resorts and robot avatars, two pilots spot some shiny domes in a former glacial valley.  One of them, an angry environmentalist, returns later to create mischief after discovering that the site was a location for cultivation and reintroduction of Antarctic beech trees. 


Meh-Teh. White Gold. Lake Bluff (U.S.A.): Ltr. Graphics. Kindle Edition, 2012.

A geologist finds gold in the hills on a scientific expedition in Antarctica, tries to hide his diggings and to take it back to his home in the U.S.  Prospectors from the Yukon also decide to go to Antarctica to try their luck at finding gold and the murderous gold rush is on.


Myers, C. D. South Pole Vendetta. Kindle Edition, 2012.

Oil has been discovered under the American South Pole Station and the North Koreans invade it as well as Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, precipitating another Korean War, in this disjointed techno-thriller.


Nielson, K. D. Through the Portal (DMSR Series Book One). Kindle Edition, 2012.

A flight to the South Pole discovers the wreckage of a previous crash of an alien craft.  The plot warps the mind with Antarctic intrigue, aliens, time tunnels to WW II and medieval times, and a galaxy in the future. 


Pierce, Richard. Dead Men. London: Duckworth Overlook, 2012.

A young, eccentric and rich British painter, Henrietta Birdie Bowers, named after one of the members of Robert ScottÕs ill-fated 1912-14 South Pole Expedition, has an obsession for finding out what really happened on the fateful journey back from the Pole.  Events links her with an assistant who falls in love with her and together they journey to Antarctica with ground-penetrating radar to search in the area where they calculate that ScottÕs buried tent and mates must have drifted to in the ice over the years.


Prasad, Ron. Synapse: A Novel. Bloomington: iUniverse. Kindle Edition, 2012.

An elite group of the worldÕs top scientists is having a repository of the worldÕs knowledge built on one of the Subantarctic Kerguelen Islands.  During an equipment check, the project foreman discovers a piece of unknown metal with ancient hieroglyphics, lodged in a cave on the face of a mountain.  As the message is decoded, a similar one is found under the Egyptian Pyramids and the leader of the group of scientists tries to understand the source and its meaning for mankind. 


Semple, Maria. WhereÕd You Go, Bernadette. New York. Little, Brown & Co., 2012.

A farce about suburban family life in Seattle.  One of the characters, Bernadette, is a somewhat unhinged, brilliant ex-architect, mother and wife.  The family is supposed to go an Antarctic cruise, but things happen and she ends up going alone and apparently disappears off a cruise ship. 


Stableford, Brian. Nemoville. Encino (U.S.A.): Black Coat Press, 2012.

This is an anthology of 12 translated science fiction stories by French writers (including a QuŽbŽcoise), written from 1757 to 1924, edited by Brian Stableford.  Included is The Planetary Messenger (Le Messager de la plante), a 1924 story by JosŽ Moselli, in which two scientists, their Alaskan guide and a team of dogs in Wilkes Land in Antarctica are making their way toward the Pole.  They are caught in a blizzard and discover a partly buried spaceship and an alien, with whom they try to communicate. 


Williams, Lisa. Death on a Long WinterÕs Night. Kindle Edition, 2012.

One murder at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station leads to others.  Not knowing who to trust in the group of overwinterers, a friend of one of the murdered tries to unravel the reason for the deaths and to find the culprit, who could be anybody in a group of suspicious characters. 


Williams, Ronald A., A Voice from the Tomb:  Book One of the First People Trilogy. Pittsburgh: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., 2012.

An archaeologist/geologist is enticed to go to Antarctica to reunite with his wife, believed lost on an expedition years ago.  In the meantime, the worldÕs nations are at the brink of war due to rising oceans and the American government is scheming with massive relocations to Antarctica.  A twinned story tells of prehistoric men and gods whose roots may go back to the formation of Antarctica, tying in to the present day.


Wood, Brian et al. The Massive # 5: Part Two of Three: Black Pacific: ŅAntarcticaÓ. Milwaukie (Oregon): Dark Horse Comics, October 2012.

Two members of an environmentalist group, in a new world of melting ice shelves, are seeking sources for food, water and fuel at an abandoned Antarctic base in Coats Land.   They are overtaken by looters, thrown down a water borehole and are finally rescued, to continue their search in other parts of the world.




Anderson, Natalie. Melt. Kindle Edition, 2011.

In this feel-good romantic novel, itÕs love at first sight when an artist and a contractor meet in Christchurch, N.Z., on their way to AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station.  They end up working on the same building project and attempts to avoid a quick fling only pour more fuel on the fires of want and passion.


Beaufort, Simon. The Nimrod Murders. Eccles (U.K.): The Erskine Press, 2011.

A historical novel, based on the characters of Ernest ShackletonÕs Nimrod Expedition of 1907-09 to Antarctica.  In this alternate history, immediately prior to the ExpeditionÕs departure, the assistant biologist was found murdered on the docks where the ship was moored, as it was taking on supplies.  Shackleton tasks one of the expeditioners, Raymond Priestley, to investigate the murder, jointly with the police.  What develops is the portrayal of a cantankerous crew, any one of whom could be the felon.   


Boss, J. D. Deception Island. Baltimore: PublishAmerica, 2011.

An evolutionary anthropologist is summoned by her forensic pathologist aunt from an assignment in Afghanistan to the Antarctic Peninsula, where an alien body has just been found.  This leads to the possibility of romance with one of her associates, nasty encounters in a former underground Nazi base where fanatics are trying to develop a pure Aryan race with a strain of virus.  There are also portals to a pure, original Aryan world, with a choice of whether to stay or leave.  


Daniel, Douglas A. The Deep Run. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A futuristic short story, set in war-time 1944, in which a Western hi-tech 3-man research nuclear-powered submarine is taking a top-ranking scientist on a secret mission to the base at Port Lockroy, on the Antarctic Peninsula.  Close to their destination, their submarine is sunk by Nazi torpedoes and the two survivors start walking on the seabed in underwater suits to the base, before they are rescued by an American warship.  At the base, the scientist deploys an experimental device, which prevents further damage from a Nazi nuclear bomb.


Evans, Bill & Jameson, Marianna. Dry Ice. New York: Tor/Tom Doherty Associates, 2011.

After the rogue leader of a hi-tech Antarctic weather research base has been sent home, the new leader and the scientists must find a way to stop the series of computer programs that have already unleashed catastrophic storms globally.


Field, Melissa. The Good Luck Knot. Kindle Edition, 2011.

An insecure, suicidal young woman leaves her home in Portland Oregon to seek herself, emotionally and spiritually.  Her travels to many parts of the world include a stint as a cook at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  The one constant in her life is her relationship with a few close friends and as the years and locations pass, she develops an understanding of herself.


Fredrick, M. J. Midnight Sun. Smashwords Edition. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A one-night stand becomes a longer romance as the female chef on an Antarctic cruise ship and the wayward, surfboarder black sheep son of the ship-owning family unexpectedly find themselves together on the vessel.  They have to save the ship from a pirate attack and then survive a helicopter crash on the Antarctic Peninsula, all the while developing their own relationship.


Good, Phillip. Confessions of a Gentleman Host. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A down-on-his-luck accountant/computer programmer loses his job, takes dance lessons and becomes a gentleman dance host on ship cruises.  His escapades include being a host on two Antarctic Peninsula cruises.


Knippling, DeAnna. A Fly in Amber. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A short story about the tasting of 100-year-old Scotch that is returned from one of Ernest ShackletonÕs Antarctic Expeditions, fom the point of view of one of the two tasters.  Based on the real-life 2006 discovery of a crate of whisky from ShackletonÕs 1907-09 Nimrod Expedition.  


Lukeman, Alex. The Lance (The Project - Book Two). Kindle Edition, 2011. 

A sacred religious artefact is hidden by Nazis in a secret Antarctic base during WWII.  Years later, it is discovered by chance by members of a modern German Antarctic scientific base, which is soon destroyed by unknown commandos and the artefact is seized.  Explosive events in Israel and America point to a conspiracy at the highest level by a secret organization.


Mertz, Jon. F. Prey. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A group of geological exploration scientists arrive at an Antarctic base to do research but the base crew is nowhere to be found and their own team members start to go missing.  Encounters with an alien being lead them to an underground world inside a mountain, which is really an alien space ship.  The aliens are embarked on a demonic scheme to crossbreed dinosaurs and humans. 


Pryor, Josh. Fade to Black. Pasadena: Red Hen Press. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A drilling crew trying to reach an under-ice Antarctic lake inadvertently dines on crustaceans discovered at the bottom of the water, beginning a chain of events that dooms them all.  A disgraced American biological researcher is invited to join a special military operations group to determine the reason for the first groupÕs loss and to find a suspected ancient microorganism.  The effects of polar darkness, personal demons, cannibalism and vampirism lead to an uncertain new world for the researcher.


Remender, Rick et al. Venom. New York: Marvel Entertainment, No. 2, June 2011.

Comic strip hero Flash Thompson, a.k.a. Venom, is a rehabilitated injured war hero who has been given a spidery alien symbiote suit by the government that allows him to be a hero again for short periods.  In this issue, he is on a mission to destroy an Antarctic vibranium mining facility when he encounters his enemy Kraven.


Rosewood, Ron. MelissaÕs Wish List. Lexington (U.S.A.): Highway 1 Publishing, 2011.

A recently retired divorcŽe starts a list of things to do, which includes travelling and meeting Mr. Right.  The travelling past is easy and she meets a few eligible men and finally decides on one close to her home.  The relationship doesnÕt move as quickly as she would like and after a brief visit to Antarctica, interrupted by the sinking of the cruise ship, her future becomes much clearer.


Thompson, Stewart.  Frozen Memories.  Kindle Edition, undated, est. 2011.

Various individuals around the world are invited to Lake Vostok in Antarctica where they begin to drill into the ice to determine the source of puzzling transmissions.  Vast arrays of under-ice root-creatures, with the ability to hold vast memories of human existence, are running out of nourishment.  In exchange for planting their seed pods over the earth, the creatures offer vast stores of information that will help people with their daily lives. 


Viggers, Karen. The LightkeeperÕs Wife. Crows Nest (Australia): Allen & Unwin, 2011.

Two parallel stories set in Tasmania, Australia about an elderly, former lighthouse keeperÕs wife, who is preparing for her death, while she tries to avoid revealing a lifelong secret, and her socially isolated, divorced youngest son who has kindled a romantic relationship with a strong-minded Antarctic researcher and considers returning to work at an Australian Antarctic base with her.  


Walker, A. J. Murder at McMurdo. Hurlford (Scotland, U. K.): LL-Publications. Kindle Edition, 2011.

A married scientist at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, whose wife is also at the base, has a fling with another married researcher.  Meanwhile, a scientist is murdered, someone is arrested and the two lovers may have evidence that the real murderer is on the loose.  Will they have to reveal their tryst in order to save the wrongly accused?


Weaver, Ian. Frozen in Time. Smashwords Edition. Kindle Edition, 2011.

Harry, a British fighter pilot, crashes during a training exercise and wakes up on a ship carrying out a secret mission on the Antarctic Peninsula.  At home, his wife and friend become involved in the same plot, which involves terrorists and a planned nuclear explosion on an Antarctic ice shelf.  From a past experience, Harry has a secret ring which allows him to travel back and forth in time and so he must save his wife, friends and the world from nuclear destruction in the Antarctic. 




Armstrong, Jennifer L. The Unlikely Association of Meg and Harry., 2010.

Two recent high school graduates, one the restless Christian son of a rich family and the other, a working-class girl who wants to become a policeman, join forces to become private investigators.  Their third case, to locate a scientist whose mother is worried about her sonÕs psychological state, takes them to the Russian Bellingshausen scientific base on the Antarctic Peninsula and then to a fossil dig in the Transantarctic Mountains.  They find their scientist and explore their own relationship.


Bledsoe, Lucy Jane. The Big Bang Symphony: A Novel of Antarctica. Madison (U.S.A.): Terrace Books, 2010.

The lives of three women, a cook, a composer and a geologist, working at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo and South Pole Stations, become entwined as they each search for answers to personal and professional aspirations. The author has been awarded two National Science Foundation Artists & Writers in Antarctica fellowships.


Binkley, Paul David. Thawing Eden. Kindle Edition, 2010.

A leaf with special powers is found under the ice of Antarctica, and an expedition is launched to further explore the origins of the plant.  Rival researchers and the expedition leader bring murder, deception, love intrigues and theories of the origin of the planet to the mix.  The Garden of Eden is discovered, complete with snake and forbidden fruit. 


Campbell, Scott Patrick. Tomorrow., 2010.

In the near future, two scientists drilling ice cores in Antarctica find buried alien spacecraft buried deep in the ice.  The nations of the world rush to get their shares of the relics and unwittingly unleash havoc on the world.  An over the top sci-fi adventure story melts and trickles into a cosmic morality play.


Clough, Brenda W. Revise the World. Kindle Edition, 2010.

Titus Oates of Robert ScottÕs ill-fated South Pole Expedition walked out of the expedition tent into a storm and perished in 1912.  A fact previously unknown, he was actually taken from the past to the future in 2045 by scientists researching time travel.  The Edwardian OatesÕ culture has a hard time adjusting to the culture of post-modern space-age life.  Two early excerpts of this book were published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact as May Be Some Time in April 2001 and as Tiptoe, on a Fence Post in July-Aug 2002.


Cohen, Theodore Jerome. Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2010.

Valuables are stolen during a Chilean earthquake and stored on a supply vessel going to a Chilean Antarctic base.  The thieves resort to murder to protect their loot and are in turn killed by the captain of their ship. 


Cohen, Theodore Jerome. Unfinished Business: Pursuit of an Antarctic Killer, Book II of the Antarctic Murders Trilogy. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2010.

In a continuation of CohenÕs Frozen In Time (Book I of three), two Chilean Navy internal investigators play cat and mouse with the naval captain who they believe murdered the two culprits of the hoist in Book I.


Cohen, Theodore Jerome. End Game: Irrational Acts, Tragic Consequences. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2010.

In the final book of CohenÕs Antarctic trilogy, the murderous and thieving Chilean Naval Captain of the first two books finally meets his match in the two sleuthing internal Navy investigators introduced in Book II.


Culbard, I. N. J. At the Mountains of Madness - A Graphic Novel - Adapted from the Original Novel by H. P. Lovecraft. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2010.

This is an illustrated book based on the story of Lovecraft`s 1931 novella in which scientists in Antarctica discover an underground city and unimaginable monsters.  In this adaptation, the artwork is very clear and the story readable, but the horror is completely missing.   


Conway, A. J. The Treaty., 2010.

A small group of refugees from a World War live in ice caves below the Antarctic surface with a secret their leaders have tried to keep from them and the outside world for years.  The group is finally discovered by the Russian military, which will stop at nothing to eradicate them.


Curran, Tim. The Spawning – Book Two of the Hive Series. Lake Orion (U.S.A.): Elder Signs Press, 2010.

In a sequel to CurranÕs 2005 book, Hive, Antarctic researchers at various sites are brutally massacred by monsters directed by prehistoric forces, bent on a resurrection and taking over the world.


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An elite force of private American commandos, working with the U.S. government, tracks clues leading them to an ancient Chinese junk buried off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.  Co-incidentally, Argentina has claimed this area in cahoots with China and has developed a massive secret offshore oil drilling program that must now be stopped.


Gagliani, William D. Icewall. Kindle Edition, 2010.

One of many short stories in Shadowplays, a collection of fantasy and thriller tales by Gagliani.  The two technicians overwintering at an isolated Antarctic research camp become antagonistic toward each other and one of them may have attempted to murder the other.  Previously published in Psychos, an anthology of horror stories edited by Robert Bloch and Martin H. Greenberg (1997).  


Gresh, Lois H., Blood and Ice. Lake Orion (U.S.A.): Elder Signs Press, 2010.

A band of four alien nonoparticle life forms, based in Antarctica, have mutated into bloodthirsty vampires since feasting on the members of ScottÕs 1910-12 South Pole trek.  In 2015, in anticipation of the hatching of a new brood of aliens, the vampires go on a rampage at the South Pole, with dire consequences for the earthÕs future. 


Haden, David. The Floaters of the Barrens. Burslem Books (, 2010.

This is a short story, subtitled ŅBeing a direct sequel to At the Mountains of MadnessÓ, which appears in HadenÕs book of essays on H. P. LovercraftÕs story about an Antarctic Expedition gone wrong: Ice Cores – Essays on LovecraftÕs novella At the Mountains of Madness.  


HŒvet, Kristen Michelle. On Antarctica Naked. Kindle Edition, 2010.

From an anthology of very short stories, On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories, known as flash fiction.  Includes this one about an illness, which resembles an Antarctic experience.


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A young scientist and his wife, overwintering at McMurdo Station, encounter marital problems and a violent death in a polar morality play, set within a strong Jewish cultural framework.


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The Fantastic Four enter AntarcticaÕs subterranean Lake Vostok, looking for rogue scientists and discover three aquatic races living in the Kingdom of Atlantis. 


Hines, Chesley. Sixty-Four Degrees. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2010.

Two separate stories from the Arctic and Antarctic, with one common participant.  In the Antarctic-based Sixty-Four South, an American Antarctic research vessel is called to rescue its sister ship following a collision with a glacier off the coast of Antarctica.  The rescue turns into a larger incident with nuclear overtones.


Johnson, Mat. Pym - A Novel. New York: Spiegel & Grau, 2010.

A tongue-in-cheek social/racial spoof, in which a small group of blacks go to Antarctica under the guise of shipping ice back to America to make drinking water.  In reality, one of them, a college professor, has acquired a manuscript that may confirm the existence of the fictional Antarctic lands and beings described in Edgar Allan PoeÕs 1837 seminal novella The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.  They find the ancient beings described in the book, with unfortunate results.


Khoury, Raymond. The Sign. New York: Signet (New American Library/Penguin Group), 2010.

Scientists observing the breakup of an ice sheet, along with a news crew making a global warming documentary on board a research vessel in West AntarcticaÕs Amundsen Sea, witness a large unexplainable ethereal sign hovering in the skies.  Thus begins a global conspiracy that is driven by rogue power brokers and mercenaries in Washington.  The news crew becomes an unwilling pawn in a dangerous plot that threatens the world.


Lee, Tommie. Mulligan. Kindle Edition, 2010.

An international secret society erases peopleÕs memories to protect its own activities.  One of the technicians in a futuristic Free Antarctic Republic in 2207 latches on to their scheme and is pursued in chases across the continent, to silence him.


Loschiavo, Joe. Dry Ice. Kindle Edition, 2010.

A futuristic eco-political thriller that brings together a greedy global corporation, an environmental investigator, his former flame and his daughter, each with their own missions in the investigation of a mysterious formation in Antarctica.


Lovelace, Merline. Deep Freeze. Don Mills (Canada): Harlequin Enterprises, 2010.

One of the three short stories in this romance book, Baby ItÕs Cold Outside, all related to cold climes.  Mia discovers stressful love after her Antarctic Peninsula tourist cruise ship hits an iceberg and the passengers are taken to refuge at Palmer Station. 


Mackenzie, Gordon. The True Story of the First Bicycle in the Antarctic. Lexington (U.S.A.):, 2010.

A general contract worker at AntarcticaÕs McMurdo Station is promoted as the sheriff, to investigate the theft of liquor from the BaseÕs store and soon becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.


Robinson, Jeremy. The Last Hunter – Descent (Book I of the Antarktos Saga). Kindle Edition, 2010.

The first child born in Antarctica in 1974 returns thirteen years later and is forced to fight for his survival in an underground world of ancient people and creatures with supernatural powers.


Thompson, Claire.  Polar Reaction. Macon (U.S.A.): Samhain Publishing, 2010.

Three male scientific researchers temporarily remain behind on an Antarctic field station as the base is closing down for the season and endure a blizzard, as their mutual affections begin to grow.  Once airlifted out after the storm, their triangle romance blooms fully, through sexually explicit descriptions.    


Van Bokkem, Vianka. AntarcticaÕs Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy. Kindle Edition, 2010.

A terrible, thankfully very short story for teens in which a young female reporter hides in a helicopter that goes to Antarctica, in hopes of investigating a rumoured cover-up in Antarctica.


Yunker, John. The Tourist Trail. Ashland (Oregon, U.S.A.): Ashland Creek Press, 2010.

Based on the authorÕs short story of the same name, this eco-novel tells the tale of an FBI agent on the hunt for an obsessed eco-activist.  With inter-related stories from the points of view of several protagonists, the action leads from a penguin research station in Patagonia to anti-whaling chases in the Southern Ocean.  The objectives of the FBI agent begin to change and merge with those of the activist.




Archer, Alex. Rogue Angel – Polar Quest. Don Mills (Canada): Worldwide Library (Harlequin Enterprises), 2009.

Archaeologist Annja Creed goes to Antarctica to help a colleague who has found a prehistoric necklace.  She suspects everyone there, including the U. S. military, to be hiding something.  


Beck, Greig. Beneath the Dark Ice. Sydney: Macmillan, 2009.

A private U.S. airplane crashes into Antarctic ice, awakening memories in primordial creatures beneath the surface.  An American commando rescue team is sent in.  Russians also have their separate agenda and neither group knows what awaits them.


Boswell, Andrew. The Tournament at the End of the Earth., 2009.

In a near-future, oil-depleted world, an Antarctic stadium has been built as a proxy battlefield for countries at war to fight it out.  An unknown terrorist has his own plans for exploiting the continent.


Dixon, George. The Patent of Mann. Central Milton Keynes (U.K.): AuthorHouse, 2009.

The investigation of a shipwreck in the Irish Sea leads a crack team of investigators to an environmental conference at McMurdo Sound and oil drilling in Antarctica.


Dring, Jacob R. Coldblooded., 2009.

The team at AntarcticaÕs Byrd Sub-C Station finds an alien space projectile buried in the ice, without any occupants.  A deadly alien arrives to look for its lost crewmember and to do battle with the humans.


Eberhart, Dave. Rock of Ages. Kindle Edition, 2009.

In 2026, a deep-sea salvage operation off the Irish coast is searching for two ships scuttled in the 1950s, reported to carry WWII nerve gas.  In one of the ships they discover a part of a long-lost Mars mission aircraft from 2006, which had discovered a buried object on the surface of Mars, but the mission was lost on return to Earth.  Elsewhere, an investigative reporter and a crusading U.S. prosecutor join forces to investigate an unscrupulous industrial magnate who is producing ozone-destroying chemicals to pay for the cost of his search for a gene-based Fountain of Youth.  Their pursuit takes them to the magnateÕs private Antarctic research base near Palmer Station in the Antarctic Peninsula and to Lake Hoare in the Dry Valleys.    


Forbes, Steve. Southern Cross. Charleston:, 2009.

A new title for ForbesÕ 1989 novel, False Cross.  A Russian military squad makes a surprise visit at an American Antarctic base and each side has their own hidden agendas. A small group of the Americans makes a brave and unbelievable journey over a horrendous glacier to try to carry out their own mission. 


Gorecki, Andrzej.  South of the 60th Parallel. BookSurge Publishing (U.S.A.), 2009.

Americans drilling in Antarctica hit an impenetrable layer deep under the ice.  An advanced race of human aliens has been living underneath Antarctica for ages and their peaceful existence is interrupted by the ensuing attempted invasion by the U.S. military.  In the meantime, San Francisco TV host Ella McClure becomes the romantic interest of a mysterious stranger, the leader of the aliens. 


McDermott, Andy. The Covenant of Genesis. New York: Bantam Books, 2009.

An archeologist and her fiancŽe discover evidence of a civilization predating the history of mankind, including an ancient city buried in a subterranean lake in Antarctica.  The secret society, Covenant of Genesis, will take any means at its disposal to stop these discoveries from becoming public knowledge. 


McNeil, Jean. The Ice Lovers. Toronto: McArthur & Company, 2009.

In the near-future 2016, a writer travels to Antarctica to research the death of a female scientist three years ago.  She is forced to overwinter and discovers a complicated story of the scientistÕs relationships while experiencing her own interaction with a government official.  The author spent 2005-06 in Antarctica as the British Antarctic Survey/Arts Council of England International Fellow to Antarctica.


Mundy, Robin. The Nature of Ice. Crows Nest (Australia): Allen & Unwin, 2009.

The story of an Australian photographer working on a project at Davis Station and the decline of her domestic marital relationship is told in parallel with explorer Douglas MawsonÕs disastrous 1911-14 Antarctic Expedition and through his unmailed letters to his sweetheart.  The author has worked and overwintered in Antarctica.


Ogle, W. Dale. Tsunami: Beast of Antarctica. Shelbyville (U.S.A.): Wasteland Press, 2009.

A new luxury cruise ship on her maiden voyage is toppled by a giant tsunami caused by a breaking ice shelf.  The few remaining people, too many for a single zodiac, must plan how to survive.


Raymond, Midge. The Ecstatic Cry. Spokane and Cheney: Eastern Washington University Press, 2009.

A short story in a collection of short fiction, Forgetting English, by Midge Raymond.  A tourist cruise ship visits two penguin researchers at a solitary Antarctic Peninsula field camp.  One of them later encounters a mysterious stranger from the ship, wandering in the water off the beach.    


Rose-Innes, Louise. Antarctic Affair. Kindle Edition, 2009.

A recently engaged, London-based high society female features writer is assigned to do a story on a rugged, individualistic adventure photographer.  They travel to the Antarctic Peninsula on a research vessel for the story, she saves his life on an iceberg, becomes accustomed to the outdoors world and romance follows.   


Sampson, Jim. The Apocalypse Rising. Burleigh (Australia): Zeus Publications, 2009.

Worldwide global warming has caused havoc over Antarctica.  Two groups of scientists are caught in the middle of new volcanic eruptions in the Ross Sea area.  An American submarine and icebreaker race through storms to rescue them, while a team of American scientists and the military attempt to annihilate the volcanoes with atomic missiles.


Wynn, Earl S. Pink Carbide: Carbon Aria. Sonora (U.S.A.): Thunderune Publishing, 2009.

In the near-distant future, the super powered, bionic Cylea searches for her beginnings and goes to an old deserted Antarctic base for clues.




Barell, John. Surviving Erebus. Unionville (New York): Royal Fireworks Press, 2008.

A fictional account of the 1839-41 Antarctic voyage of James Clark Ross and the discovery of the Sea and ice shelf named after him.  ItÕs told from the point of view of a young stowaway who makes a few enemies amongst the crew but perseveres and finally wins the respect of the captain and crew.


Clarke, Isabella. White., 2008.

A short story included in a collection, Colours and Shades, written by Clarke.  Alannah, a Londoner, has been doing a lot of travelling to dull the pain of her sisterÕs suicide.  After she slips on shore during an Antarctic cruise, the shipÕs doctor dispenses psychological advice to help her deal with her feelings of guilt.   


Dionne, Karen. Freezing Point. New York: Jove Books, 2008.

Environmentalist tapping Antarctic ice for the worldÕs drinking water and eco-terrorists both face the same danger from within the ice from rats and pestilence.


Kalla, Daniel. Cold Plague. New York: Tor, 2008.

A private commercial drilling project to bring up pure, therapeutic water from a subterranean Antarctic lake results in an escape of deadly prions, which causes deaths in Europe.


Levine, Richard S. A Floccinaucinihilipilificatious Life. Golden Acorn Press. OGÕs Speculative Fiction, Issue #16, January 2008.

This online and print magazine has a very short story about millibots discussing whether they are alive, as they rush to inspect a defective furnace heating duct somewhere in Antarctica.


Marsh, Carole. The Mystery in Icy Antarctica. U.S.A.: Gallopade International, 2008.

Part of MarshÕs junior books mystery series.  A mystery-writing grandmother takes her two grandchildren to Antarctica and they encounter their own mystery of missing meteorites and penguins.


Robinson, Kevin Maurice. The Imaginator – an Unexpected Discovery., 2008.

Two children accompany their archeologist father to a dig in Antarctica where they uncover a stone, which was the refuge of a young alien girl.  She becomes their friend and teaches the children how to use their imagination, which comes in handy when they have to escape villains who want to capture the alien girl.


Smith, K. L. Polar Love. New York: Vantage Press, 2008.

Two American researchers on a scientific cruise at Deception Island fall in love but must return to their separate lives after the expedition is completed.  They manage to pick things up a few years later.


Talbot, Tony. Polar Crossing.  Kindle Edition, 2008.

A time-shifting short story about a small group of contemporary Antarctic researchers who think they encounter Robert ScottÕs expedition members as they are returning from their fateful South Pole Expedition in 1912, but are unable to communicate with them.  Some years later one of the researchers discovers an unpublished Scott Expedition diary that mentions sightings by ScottÕs group of the modern researchers, who were thought to be following Scott and were even reported to have peered in their tent.   


Valente, Catherynne M. A BuyerÕs Guide to Maps of Antarctica., Issue # 20, May 2008.

A very short story about Antarctic topographical maps, up for auction, and the related stories of the two rival South American mapmakers who drew them.






Bartels, P. J. Desert Ice., 2006.

A disgraced former supertanker captain and a glaciologist sign on for a project to haul an iceberg from Antarctica to Kuwait but in mid stream are interrupted by an Iraqi hit team.


Beach, R. R. The Number of Things. 130 Ink, 2006.

While going through a divorce, a man has recurring dreams about an early 20th century expedition to Antarctica, which is marooned on a subantarctic island.  The events of current reality and historical dream unexpectedly become merged through his spaced-out wife. 


Dabb, Andrew, Seeley, Tim, et al. G.I. Joe: Special Missions Antarctica. Chicago: DevilÕs Due Publishing, December 2006.

The comic strip character G.I. Joe was introduced in the 1940s and has been continued in various series by different publishers.  The Special Missions series of 28 issues had various reservists in action roles around the world.  In this one, the team is sent to Antarctica to stop their arch-enemy Cobra, who has started to produce oil from a huge below-ice oil reservoir.


Fearnley, Laurence. Degrees of Separation. Auckland: Penguin Group, 2006.

The stories of three isolated people working out of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: a composer, a scientist and a communications operator.  The author was part of New ZealandÕs Artists and Writer to Antarctic Program in 2004.


Gardner, Drew. The Sands of Erebus. Baltimore: PublishAmerica, 2006.

A spiritual novella in which a philosophical Florida State University student reconnects with his potential lost soul mate from a university course three years later, when they each win a trip to Antarctica in a poetry writing competition sponsored by the University.


Jermey, Ron. The Biggest Morgue in the World., 2006.

An Australian policeman is sent to an Australian scientific base in Antarctica to investigate the murder of a scientist and an attack on another.  A slow investigation of a puzzling case turns into overtones of the Cold War.


Wilson, Colin. The Tomb of the Old Ones. Hayward (U.S.A.): Chaosium, 2006.

Although this novella was written in 1999, it appears in print for the first time in an anthology of Antarctic horror stories, The Antarktos Cycle from Chaosium.  Based on H. P. LovecraftÕs At the Mountains of Madness, with direct references to it, scientists continue the search for an ancient civilization thought to be buried under AntarcticaÕs ice and mountains.




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This is a voluminous Franco-Belgian comic book series started in 1947 about U.S. Navy pilots, created by Georges Troisfontaines, Victor Hubinon & Jean-Michel Charlier.  This particular adventure takes them to the Antarctic to battle criminals who have discovered a stash of buried Nazi gold in the Ice.


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Milligan, Peter et al. X-Men: Golgotha - Part One: And What Dark Beast... New York: Marvel Comics, No. 166, March 2005.

In a 5-part series, the super-powered X-Men have travelled to the South Pole mutant colony after a distress call.  They arrive to find most of the colony wiped out and the remaining few have gone mad. The only clue is the word, Golgotha, written on a wall.  Another X-man arrives, with the identity and location of Golgotha, which is an alien beast, with psychic powers, buried in Antarctica.  They return to their home base lab with it but other Golgothas appear and cause insanities in the minds of the X-Men.


Plowright, Kerry. Vostok Station – Point of Impact. Self-published: Australian Windows Publishing/Trafford Publishing, 2005.

An overly long military thriller, in which a joint Russian-Chinese-French alliance finds petroleum beneath AntarcticaÕs under-ice Lake Vostok and conspires to keep out the rest of the world.  A mysterious force ignites the lake and Americans and Australians must unite against the Russian/Chinese militaries to put out the fire before it destroys the world. 




Lock, Norman. Three Short Metaphysical Fictions. Cafe Irreal, Issue #12, August 2004. 

This is a webzine for fantastic fiction.  The three related stories, entitled Unreal Geography, The Cruelty of Poetry and Lath of the World, transport a modern architect to Robert ScottÕs Terra Nova South Pole Expedition as the quartermaster.


Macpherson, Helen. Colder Than Ice. Port Arthur (U.S.A.): QuestBooks, 2004.

Two headstrong women on an Antarctic archaeological team that is trying to locate traces of a lost expedition from a century ago find each other and fall in love.


Thomas, Rosie.  Sun at Midnight. London: HarperCollins, 2004.

Based at a small private Antarctic Peninsula research base, a young British researcher finds her independence and falls in love with a dour contract worker.  She carries a heavy burden she has chosen to conceal, until disaster strikes the camp.


Wagner, Matt. Trinity: Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman. New York: DC Comics, 2004.

This compendium brings together the three superheroes for the first time in a story about a mad villain who wants to remake the world to his own liking.  One of his assistants is Bizarro, a clunky Superman clone who has been kept in a dungeon deep below AntarcticaÕs surface. The stories were originally published as three single issues in 2003.




Dickinson, Matt. Black Ice. New York: St. MartinÕs Press, 2003.

Before scientists can pursue a troubling discovery from deep in the ice cap, they must rescue two stranded explorers.  People and events turn sour and the rescuers must flee for their lives.


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An archaeo-astronomer is sent to Antarctica to interpret hieroglyphs found under the ice, revealing an ancient world order.




Reeder, David. Beneath the Glacier (aka A SADD2 Day)., 2002.

An unofficial sequel to H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 Antarctic novella At the Mountains of Madness.  This short story has a team of special security agents from Miskatonic University looking for their lost associates who were exploring an underground cave in an Antarctic glacier.  The rescuers find more than they bargained for.   





Stross, Charles.  A Colder War. Aberdeen (U.K.): Spectrum Publishing, 2000.

A short story, originally published in Spectrum SF #3, about the Cold War, with a chapter on U.S. intelligence services running a clandestine drug transportation scheme through a porthole under AntarcticaÕs Lake Vostok from an alien dimension.  The full story was also issued as a reading by Pat Bottino on CD, Great Science Fiction Stories (AudioText, 2005).




Engan, Charles and Janyce, et al. Beyond the Mountains of Madness: An Epic Antarctic Campaign and Sourcebook. Oakland: Chaosium Inc., 1999.

This is a role playing book in which a 1933 Antarctic expedition is launched to unravel the mystery of the fateful story in H. P. LovecraftÕs 1931 Antarctic novella At the Mountains of Madness.   


Hammond, Rayford E. The Ice Breaker Incident. Rocky Mount (U.S.A.): Briarwood Publications & Sassy Cat Books, Inc., 1999.

The first lieutenant on a Navy icebreaker, working in AntarcticaÕs Ross Sea, is accused of shoving the shipÕs unloved Captain over the side and is court-martialled for murder.  A sharp but dissolute Navy JAG lawyer must defend him.


Markert, James, The Hell That Is Ice. Louisville: Chicago Spectrum Press, 1999.

Parallel stories of murder in Louisville and at the South Pole are intertwined as a satanic killer travels through an underground time portal linking a high school in the city to his demonic lair in Antarctica.  






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The inaugural issue of a series in which a villain, Deadpool, is tested by a group of superhuman good characters for heroism.  After sabotaging a nuclear facility in Antarctica that protects against gamma rays, Deadpool has a change of heart and prevents the deadly radiation from escaping and destroying the southern hemisphere.  He is then invited to join the super heroes.





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This is an updated version of the original story line from earlier comics in which the X-Men travel to Antarctica to investigate the TV broadcast sighting of a jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, who rescue an Antarctic expeditioner.  See also Lee, Stan et al. X-Men: The Early Years - The Coming of Ka-Zar. New York: Marvel Comics, Vol. 1, No. 10, February 1995 and Lee, Stan et al. X-Men: The Coming of Ka-Zar. New York: Canam Publishers Sales Corp., Vol. 1, No. 10, March 1965.


Lee, Stan et al. X-Men: The Early Years - The Coming of Ka-Zar. New York: Marvel Comics, Vol. 1, No. 10, February 1995.

This is a facsimile of the Canam Publishers Sales Corp. comic originally presented as X-Men: The coming of Ka-Zar, Vol. 1, No. 10, March 1965.  The super-powered X-Men are sent to Antarctica after they view a TV broadcast from Antarctica of an unknown loin-cloth clad figure and a saber-tooth tiger returning to a base camp with a missing expedition member.  The X-Men locate a crevasse that leads to an undiscovered jungle, populated by prehistoric creatures and tribesmen.  They run into trouble themselves, are rescued by the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger and are finally sent back to the Antarctic surface to return home.


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Wayne, Matt et al. Shadow Cabinet: Red Death - Part 1: The Antarctic Snowjob.  New York: DC Comics, No. 6, November 1994.

Led by the all-knowing Dharma, the Shadow Cabinet is a group of characters with various super powers, sworn to protect humanity from itself.  In a 5-issue series, it is sent to Antarctica to stop a gang of renegade scientists who want to collect solar energy and beam it to Antarctica to provide the earth with endless energy, but that would slowly melt the polar ice caps.  They must be stopped, but the shadow Cabinet finds it has its own internal issues.  


Bainbridge, Beryl. The Birthday Boys. New York: Carroll & Graf, 1994.

A fictionalized account of Robert ScottÕs ill-fated South Pole Expedition.


Burns, Michael. Hot Planet. Tubac (U.S.A.): Planet Press, 1994.

In 2006, as global warming causes the rapid melting of icecaps in Antarctica and worldwide flooding, the Defenders of the Planet, an environmental group, wage war with the energy establishment. 


Clark, Kathy. Groom Unknown. Don Mills (Canada): Harlequin Enterprises, 1994.

Two young scientists carry on a flirty romance through a computer interaction service and agree to marry in Antarctica, sight unseen, when one of them is assigned to McMurdo Station as a naval captain.  As fate would have it, they had previously been unfriendly co-workers in Colorado.  Dislike turns to like as they get to know their real selves.  


Gerrard, Kitt. Midnight Tales of Torment. London: Headline Book Publishing (Headline Delta Paperback), 1997.

A female American secret agent is called on a special mission to winter over at a base on the Antarctic Peninsula with just one scientist, a male.  To maintain their professional relationship, they tell each other lurid, erotic stories.  Events are not at all what they seem, in this campy tale of outright porn.


Stern, Roger, Guice, Jackson & Rodier, Denis. Superman in Action Comics: Secret Weapon. New York: DC Comics, Issue #691, September 1993.

In his Antarctic Fortress of Solitude, Superman is regenerating his powers through the Eradicator and overloads its circuits to get more energy.  He finally breaks to the surface in his quest to defeat the evil Cyborg who is destroying earth.


Stern, Roger, Guice, Jackson & Rodier, Denis. Superman in Action Comics: Lies & Revelations. New York: DC Comics, Issue #690, August 1993.

Superboy is held captive by Cyborg Superman, who deceives the Justice League into searching for them on an asteroid belt.  In the meantime, the real Superman is being regenerated under the ice of Antarctica.


Kesel, Karl, Grummet, Tom & Hazlewood, Doug. The Adventures of Superman: Line of Fire. New York: DC Comics, Issue #503, August 1993.

The evil Cyborg Superman has convinced the authorities that a rogue Superman has destroyed Ocean City.  Super Boy is called in to help and is attacked by the Cyborg.  Meanwhile, in Antarctica, something is lurking and dives to the bottom of the polar sea.    


Stern, Roger, Guice, Jackson & Rodier, Denis. Superman in Action Comics: Born Again. New York: DC Comics, Issue #687, June 1993.

Beneath the ice of Antarctica, the deceased Superman is regenerated from electrical energy and returns to Metropolis to fight crime as a changed Superhero.


Nicieza, Fabien et al. X-Force: A Force to be Reckoned With. New York: Marvel Comics, Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1991.

A new series with a cast of mutant superpowered heroes has them flying in to Antarctica to attack the base of another group of mutants who are terrorists.


Giffen, Keith & DeMatteis, J. M. WhatÕs Black and White and Black and White and Black: Justice League Antarctica – Justice League America Annual 4. New York: DC Comics, 1990.

Reformed comic character villains go to Antarctica as the Justice LeagueÕs Antarctic branch and fight killer penguins at an abandoned base.


Jurgens, Dan & Perez, George. The Adventures of Superman: Home. New York: DC Comics, Issue # 461, December 1989.

While battling a tidal wave in Metropolis, Superman returns to Antarctica, where the Eradicator has been melting the ice and trying to destroy Earth.  He travels through a time portal to meet his natural parents on Krypton, undergoes his Kryptonian rite of passage and returns to Earth and wills the Eradicator to stop its destruction.


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The continuation of previous issue # 459, in which Superman buried a Kryptonian relic, the Eradicator, in Antarctica.  Still bothered by the objectÕs effect on him, Superman returns to Antarctica and finds the relic has built a 10,000 ft. deep tower in the Ice for the deadly purpose of eradication all non-Kryptonian life.


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Superman buries a dangerous relic, the Eradicator, from his home planet Krypton in the depths of AntarcticaÕs ice.


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Superman returns to Antarctica to ensure that the relic from Krypton, the Eradicator, which he buried in Antarctica, is still there.  At the same time, he encounters a giant underground alien creature that has destroyed an unmanned research station.    


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The Vostok 3 Russian research station in Antarctica is obliterated by a tower emerging from below the ice.  Down below in the prehistoric tropical Savage Land, the X-Men are engaged in battle with evil super-powered rogues.   


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A team of scientists, flying over Antarctica, receive a signal and upon landing discover what looks like Supergirl, buried in a slushy thermal ice pocket at 126 degrees.


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Uncle Scrooge buys what he thinks is the rarest element on earth, encased in a block of ice and goes to Antarctica to store it.  It turns out to be a perpetual ice cream maker.  Scrooge loses it in the vast ice and manages to find it with help from a penguin.


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The Avengers are sent to the South Atlantic to look for a mysterious shipwreck and end up at the Antarctic PeninsulaÕs Larsen Ice Shelf.  A giant alien mechanical monster, Terminus, has just destroyed a scientific base and they trail it to the Savage Land, a hidden primitive jungle in Antarctica, where they meet local hero Ka-Zar and his wife.  Meanwhile, Terminus destroys the remains of an ancient Atlantean civilization before he is finally destroyed by the Avengers.  However, Terminus also destroyed the life support systems of the Savage Land, which freezes over.  Luckily, the Avengers are rescued by the U.S. military before they come to harm in the cold.  


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A short story about the degenerate literary cronies of American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft.  One of them discovers a portal to Antarctica in his apartment and disappears.  This story has appeared in other collections, including More Shapes Than One, New York: St. MartinÕs Press 1992.


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Batman follows the villainous Penguin to Antarctica to stop him from selling state secrets at a Russian base.


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A female researcher from Florida travels to an Antarctic field camp with the mercurial group leader.  Their attraction is immediate but he must be seen as the neutral camp leader.  How long can they keep their hand off each other in this fluffy tale of romance?


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One of a series of 261 spy adventures published over 1964-1990, written under the pseudonym Nick Carter, the protagonist.  In this cold war story, Nick is sent by the U.S. government to an Antarctic field base to investigate mysterious deaths caused by poison gas, with Russians as protagonists.  The cover of the book shows Nick on a snowmobile, backed by a grove of rare Antarctic trees, presumably in the McMurdo Sound area.


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The group of super mutants is sent to Antarctica for reconnaissance of Magneto, their evil mutant arch enemy, who had a massive installation under an Antarctic volcano.  They barely escaped from him in a previous adventure and nothing has been heard since.


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The is the first issue of a comic series based on Ka-Zar, a jungle man transplanted from modern life, and his saber-tooth tiger, Zabu, who live in the Savage land, a prehistoric jungle beneath the icy surface of the Antarctic Peninsula.  Originally created by an alien as an artificial environment, the Savage Land was later inhabited by the people of Atlantis as Pangea.  Most of Pangea was eventually destroyed in a cataclysm but the Savage Land was spared.  This story introduces Lamura, a city of civilized people descended from Atlanteans.  See also Lee, Stan et al. X-Men: The Coming of Ka-Zar. New York: Canam Publishers Sales Corp., Vol. 1, No. 10, March 1965.


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 A ripping adventure yarn of a British special agent, who investigates a series of mass murders at numerous scientific bases in Antarctica,


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In the thirtieth century, up in space, the Legionnaires prepare to prevent a war between galaxies.  On Antarctica, the Resource Raiders are planning to steal a shipment of rare earth metals from a stockpile and Sun Boy, Brainiac Five and Element Lad attempt to thwart the heist.    


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From a collection of short stories by Robert Graves in The Shout and Other Stories, originally published by Penguin as Collected Short Stories in 1968.  Old Papa Johnson is recovering in hospital in 1916 from war wounds and relates an allegedly true story from his time as Crown Agent on AntarcticaÕs Desolation Island.


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An Antarctic base is attacked by a monster and a survivor tells the tale on TV interview programs.  Peter Parker (alias Spiderman), a photographer, is sent to Antarctica with his girlfriend to investigate.  Through the icy surface, they enter the prehistoric jungle world of the Savage Land where his girlfriend is kidnapped.  They get help from Ka-Zar, the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, Zabu, to fight arch villain Kraven the Hunter and the alien monster.


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The five metal men are near McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, looking for a stolen vault, when their creator, Doc Magnus is carried off by their enemy, Plutonium Man.  The metal men, with the help of American soldiers, must recue them.   


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This is a short spoof of H. P. LovecraftÕs At the Mountains of Madness.  It was originally published as At the Mountains of Murkiness and Other Parodies by Ferret Fantasy and also appeared in The Antarktos Cycle, a collection of Antarctic horror stories published by Chaosium in 2006.


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The super-powered X-Men are sent to Antarctica after they view a TV broadcast from Antarctica of an unknown loin-cloth clad figure and his saber-tooth tiger returning to a base camp with a missing expedition member.  The X-Men locate a crevasse that leads to an undiscovered jungle, populated by prehistoric creatures and tribesmen.  They run into trouble themselves, are rescued by Ka-Zar, the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, and are finally sent back to the Antarctic surface to return home.


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Superman is supposedly infected by a virus from Krypton and has a month to live.  To help him carry out his remaining vital deeds, a team of superhero friends builds an ice sculpture in Antarctica to heat the globe when he is gone.


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A very short story of an Antarctic meteorologist whose destiny is to be purposely stranded at a base and to be rescued by aliens.  E. K. Jarvis was the pen name of a group of authors, writing for the science fiction pulp magazine Fantastic magazine in the 1950s, to conceal the authorÕs real name.  This story was also published by as a Kindle Edition, 2011.






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