Images associated with the Aurora Australis

1. Plan of the Hut at Winter Quarters, showing the location of the two printing presses. Source: The Heart of the Antarctic.

2. Joyce and Wild in the 'Rogue's Retreat.' Source: Catalogue for Christie's sale 6544, 25 September 2001. Lot 52.

3. Joyce at the printing press in the hut at Cape Royds. Source: Catalogue for Christie's sale 6284, 18 April 200. Page 156.

4. A view of the "Rogues' Retreat" from The Heart of the Antarctic, vol I. opposite p.222.

5. The printing press and type case at the British Antarctic Expedition in London in 1909. Source: The 9 October 1909 issue of the Illustrated London News, as shown on page 141 of David Wilson's Nimrod Illustrated (Reardon Publishing, 2009).