ANTARCTIC TRADE CARDS - Originally Series 2

No 6 - Amundsen et ses compagnons.

104. LA CONQUÊTE DU PÔLE SUD. Issued by ? in Serie 40 of 12 cards. In this instance, the cards are mounted on two pages of text in French (not included here, other than the card titles). Size: Ca. 2.2" x 1.57".
Recto: Various scenes. At lower left: Serie 40. At lower right: Card number [1-12].
Verso: Unknown as these are mounted in an album. The titles below are printed on the album pages.
Note: Image and information courtesy of Evan Jones, Wiltshire, England.
Further Note: "These (076 and 104) both come from the same Nestle chocolate album: Album Nestle 1935-1936 Sports, Contes, Explorations.
Series 39—La Conquete du Pole Nord—consists of 12 cards, of which no.9 is Amundsen.
Series 40—La Conquete du Pole Sud—consists of 12 cards, which are as listed on your site.
As well as these, Nestle also produced another 12 cards, in their next album: Album Nestle 1936-1937 Sports, Contes, Explorations, Paysages de France.
Series 62 - Expedition Byrd au Pole Sud
1. Admiral Byrd
2. Debarquement des avions sur la Grande Barriere
3. Attelages des chiens pour le transport du materiel
4. Construction d'un hangar d'avion en blocs de neige
5. Petite Amerique: Quartier General de l'expedition
6. Transport du materiel par autochenilles
7. Cabine de radio au camp
8. Avions prets au depart
9. Depart de Byrd pour le Pole
10. A 4,500m au-dessus de la chaine de la Reine Maud
11. Survol du Pole Sud
12. Retour au quartier general"
See also 076 above.
Source: John Edwards
104.6 No 6 - Amundsen et ses compagnons