ANTARCTIC TRADE CARDS - Originally Series 1

Shackleton in the Antarctic.

022. ERNEST H. SHACKLETON. Issued in England by Ty.phoo Tea (1934). It is card number 25 from a set of 25 cards entitled "Famous Voyages". The card was given as a free premium and was inserted into packages of Typhoo Tea. Size: 4" x 1.4".
Recto: Picture of the James Caird in the center with map showing voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia on left and description text on right: "Famous Voyages" | SHACKLETON IN THE ANTARCTIC | After losing his ship the "Endurance" in 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his party drifted hundreds of miles on the ice before taking to the boats and reaching Elephant Island. With five volunteers he then set out in a boat on an 800-mile journey of almost incredible difficulty. After landing at South Georgia, he crossed the island, obtained help and rescued his men. | Ty.phoo Series of 25 No. 25
Verso: Information on an offer to Ty.phoo tea users for "Four 1/- Tennis Balls for 2/6".