ANTARCTIC TRADE CARDS - Originally Series 1

Scott of the Antarctic.

011. SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC. Issued by Quaker Oats (Sugar Puffs) (1974). An un-numbered card from a set of 12 entitled "Exploration & Adventure". The card was given as a free premium and was cut from the side panel of packages of Sugar Puffs cereal. Approximate size: 1.32" x 2.65".
On recto: View of two men manhauling a sledge. On right margin: "SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC".
On verso: EXPLORATION & ADVENTURE | SCOTT | OF THE ANTARCTIC | (1868-1912) | Robert Falcon Scott, Captain in the Royal Navy, organised and led the 1900-1904 Antarctic expedition in his ship Discovery. In 1910 he returned in a different ship, The Terra Nova, to lead another expedition into the unknown regions. It was on 18th January, 1912 that Scott's party reached the South Pole only to find that the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen had arrived there shortly before them. Bitterly disappointed, Scott and his party started the gruelling trek back to base camp, but perished in the terrible conditions when only 11 miles from safety. | Illustration shows some of Scott's party In the Antarctic | © Quaker Oats Limited 1974 | Sugar Puffs